Take A Look At The Pro-Muslim Ads Posted At NYC Subway

Huffington Post invites readers to take a look at the pro-Muslim ads that were posted at the New York City Subway on Monday. The advertisements come as a response to the anti-Jihad posters that were displayed in the same area several days ago.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative produced a series of posters that were described as Islamophobic by other non-profit organizations. As a result, several pro-Muslim posters were created by the Rabbis for Human Rights North America and the Sojourners – two organizations which fight for equal human rights – and displayed in close proximity of the anti-Jihad ads.

The rabbis invited people to show kindness and loving towards their siblings through the message “In the choice between love and hate, CHOOSE LOVE”. In the end, they encouraged people to take action and put an end to the bigotry that is usually displayed against Muslim neighbors.

Christians used a similar message in order to determine Americans to give up all their prejudices and stop discriminating Muslims. Even though their ad was not as detailed as the one of the rabbis, it was based on the same idea, namely, to love your Muslim neighbors. 

The posters were elaborated as a direct message against the anti-Jihad ads. The latter read “In any war between civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man”. The following text written in the national colors of the United States, that is, blue and red, told people to support Israel and to defeat Jihad.

Taking into account the tense relationship between Israel and its Muslim neighbors, the anti-Jihad ad was described as demeaning by many institutions, including by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York. They tried to prevent the American Freedom Defense Initiative from displaying the ads in the subway, but a judge ruled that their advertisement is protected by the first amendment.

In the future, however, similar posters which could incite to violence will be accompanied by a disclaimer message. MTA adopted this measure in order to distance itself from the expressed views.

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