Zedd Talks about Dating Selena

DJ Zedd and Selena Gomez were a couple for a short period of time two years ago. The two separated and they both moved on, but it seems that Zedd decided to open up about this romance during a new interview. He claimed that dating Selena was not easy because of the media attention that the relationship brought on him and his family.

The DJ talked about this relationship and everything he went through during a new interview with Billboard. Zedd said that he was actually “pissed off” during the time when he was dating the young singer. The statement was not expected as Zedd had only nice things to say about Selena after their relationship ended. They also seemed to be very happy together when they were dating.

Zedd said during this interview that ever since he started dating Selena he was aware that this would draw a lot of media attention. However, this made him more uncomfortable than what he initially thought. And things became really bad for Zedd when the paparazzi and fans tried to reach out to his close friends and his family, including his parents, of course, trying to find out information about his relationship with Selena.

“Reporters were calling my parents. People were hacking my friends’ phone. I was pissed,” the star explained. “[Though] I kind of knew what I was getting myself into,” he went on to say. “She is one of the most talked about people in the world, but I had no idea how much that would change my life,” Zedd concluded.

However, this is all that Zedd was willing to share. The star was also asked during his interview if he was dating anyone at the moment. He refused to answer the question. Selena Gomez is currently dating The Weeknd. The two have been a couple for quite some time and it seems that things work well in this romance. Some rumors claimed that they are planning on getting married in the near future. The rumors have not been confirmed, so it is yet to see if the two are really planning a wedding.

The Weeknd Wants a Child with Girlfriend Selena Gomez

Apparently, famous musician The Weeknd is so happy with Selena Gomez that he actually wants to have a child with her. At least, this is what a new report has claimed. The report said that The Weeknd is ready to be a father and is actually very interested in having a child with his beautiful girlfriend.

“He has thought about starting a family with Selena at some point down the line, maybe in a few years and he has told her that he would want to have a girl because nothing would be better for him then to have a cute little Selena look-alike bouncing around,” a source said according to Hollywood Life. “He’s mentioned to her many times that two of her would always be better than one,” the same insider added.

The baby rumors come after some previous reports said that The Weeknd was ready to marry his famous girlfriend. A report from OK! actually said that The Weeknd planned on proposing to Selena on her birthday. This report claimed that the musician has been searching for the perfect engagement ring for his famous girlfriend and he found a “gorgeous four-carat diamond solitaire.”

The source also claimed that a marriage would definitely be in the cards for the two, as Selena and The Weeknd constantly talk about their future together. Furthermore, Selena is already convinced that she wants to marry the musician and would accept his proposal if he asks her hand. However, the source said that the young singer did not expect the musician to propose to her so soon after becoming a couple.

The two stars have been dating for a few months now, but their relationship has evolved very fast and the two are very close. Of course, there is no official comment on any of these rumors, so it is unclear if the two have any marriage or baby plans. However, if things continue to be so good between the two, a wedding might definitely come in the near future.

Selena Gomez Talks about Rehab Stay

Selena Gomez decided to talk about the time she spent in rehab. The famous singer seems to be in a good place now, Selena actually being very focused on her health and wellbeing. The young singer revealed that spending time in rehab has not been simple, and she was actually scared.

Selena underwent rehab treatment last year. She actually took a three months break from her career to focus on her health. Selena talked about this experience during a new interview with InStyle. Selena said that she took the time off to deal with the side effects of lupus, including anxiety or depression.

“It’s so weird, how one year can change everything,” Selena started saying. “Last year I canceled my tour and went away for 90 days, and it was the best thing that I ever could’ve done. I had no phone, nothing, and I was scared. But it was amazing, and I learned a lot,” she went on to add.

The star claimed that she really felt that she was able to move on. “Everything I cared about, I stopped caring about. I came out, and it felt like, ‘OK, I can only go forward.’ And there are still days. I go to therapy. I believe in that and talking about where you are. But I’m in a really, really healthy place.”

Selena also talked about her first public appearance following her time out. “When I came out, I was asked to go to the American Music Awards, and everyone around me was like, ‘Do whatever makes you comfortable.’ I didn’t want my fans to have a negative view of taking care of yourself, so I just went in head-on, and I’ll tell you, the first time stepping on that carpet was so overwhelming. I felt like my back was sweating,” she revealed.

Selena also said that she started to be less influenced by the bad comments and criticism. “Of course I care, but I care less and less, and that’s so freeing,” she said. And Selena has a lot to be happy for. She also talked about her famous boyfriend, musician The Weeknd. “I’m lucky because he’s more of a best friend than anything else,” the famous singer said when referring to her boyfriend.

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez to Get Engaged?

According to some new rumors, The Weeknd and Selena Gomez might be ready to get married. Apparently, the famous musician has been looking for an engagement ring for his beautiful girlfriend. OK! Magazine reported that it talked to an insider claiming that The Weeknd has found a beautiful engagement ring for Selena.

The ring is said to be a four-carat diamond solitaire. A source talking to OK! revealed that the musician has been looking for a ring for no less than a few weeks until he found the perfect piece of jewelry for his girlfriend. “Abel has been looking at engagement rings for weeks and has his eye on a gorgeous four-carat diamond solitaire,” the source explained. “They’re always talking about a future together, so he knows that Selena will say yes, but she would never expect him to propose so soon. She’s going to be shocked!” it added.

According to this report, the wedding proposal might be coming very soon, being actually scheduled to take place on Selena’s birthday, July 22. The star will turn 25. And it seems that the musician already has the approval and the support of Selena’s family, as the new report claimed that the star has talked to Mandy, the singer’s mother, about his plans.

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez have been dating for a few months, but it appears that the relationship has evolved quite fast. The claims have not been confirmed for the moment, so it is yet to find out if there is really going to be a wedding in the near future. Meanwhile, it seems that both Selena and The Weeknd are quite busy focusing on their music careers.

Selena Gomez Says The Weeknd is The One

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have been dating for quite some time now and it surely seems that things couldn’t be going better in this relationship. Now, a new report has claimed that Selena actually thinks that the famous singer is The One for her. Apparently, The Weeknd makes Selena feel safe and secure.

Hollywood Life reported that Selena is certain that The Weeknd is “her person” and is very happy to be in a relationship with him. An insider talking to the celebrity site claimed that in this relationship Selena “opened her heart” and learned “what real love is.” The same insider claimed that because of her relationship with the singer, Selena has also managed to gain more confidence in herself.

“Selena feels like she’s found her person, her relationship with Abel has opened her heart and helped her heal in ways she didn’t even think were possible. She is so grateful to him, he’s shows her what real love is,” the source said.
“She’s never had this kind of confidence in herself or her body and this new relationship is a big part of it,” the same insider went on to add. “He always tells her how beautiful she is and how hot her body is, she’s never felt sexier and it’s all thanks to Abel. He makes her feel safe and secure in every way,” it concluded.

And Selena is very supportive of her famous boyfriend. In fact, she is so supportive that she is actually constantly accompanying The Weeknd on his tour. Selena and The Weeknd definitely have very busy schedules, but this does not mean that they don’t find time to spend together. Furthermore, it has been claimed that Selena and The Weeknd enjoy every minute they get to be together.

However, Selena would love to be able to do normal things with her boyfriend, just like any other couple, such as cooking for him. Still, being on tour and staying in hotels prevents the two from enjoying this. “They’re making the most of it though, sleeping in late and ordering breakfast in bed from room service. Most of the time when they’re together they’d rather be alone in bed, they’re in the honeymoon stage for sure,” the source concluded.

The Weeknd Buys New Home

Things seem to be going amazingly well in the relationship of Selena Gomez and The Weeknd. The two have been dating for months and it surely seems that they are not afraid to show the world that they are a couple. Now, it has been revealed that The Weeknd bought a luxurious house that cost no less than $18 million.

Of course, immediately rumors emerged wondering if The Weeknd bought this property because he and Selena might be planning on moving in together. The news was reported by The Daily Mail, which revealed that the property is located in Hidden Hills, California. Apparently, the home has no less than 13,391 square feet, but also 9 bedrooms and 11 baths. The home also features a resort style saltwater pool, wine cellar, a 1,200 square foot guesthouse, as well as a five-car parking garage. Without a doubt, this is an impressive property.

“This is a gorgeous property, and Hidden Hills offers that gated community privacy that celebrities crave,” a source said. The insider did not reveal what The Weeknd intends to do with regards to this property. So, it has not been confirmed if the singer plans on moving in with his girlfriend Selena Gomez.

However, speculation on this subject already emerged, with some claiming that the only reason why the singer bought this home was actually to be able to share it with Selena. Maybe the two will also work together more. In March, several reports claimed that Selena and The Weeknd were working together on a duet. However, the song was not released. A source claimed that Selena accompanied the singer on the road for his tour to be able to continue to work with him at some tracks.

An interesting thing about the new home that The Weeknd bought is that it is located in the proximity of Drake’s residence. The two have been in a feud, but it is yet to see if they will see each other more now if they are becoming neighbors.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd Make their Red Carpet Debut

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are definitely a very cute couple. And it seems that things are going so great in this relationship that the two decided to make their debut on the red couple as an official couple.

Selena and The Weeknd started dating earlier this year and have never tried to hide the fact that they are a couple. Actually, since the first moment when they were seen together, the two stars seemed to be quite comfortable in showing the world that they were together. Now, Selena and her famous boyfriend also decided to make their red carpet debut.

So, the two stars were seen together on the red carpet for the first time at the 2017 Met Gala. They attended the event as a couple and showed their love for one another by staying very close on the red carpet. Selena and The Weeknd arrived together at the event that took place on May 1, in New York. The two were seen smiling, hugging and even kissing as they were posing on the red carpet.

The fact that the two stars arrived together at the Met Gala was actually no surprise. In fact, this was something rather expected, considering that the pair was spotted together on several occasions this year. They were also seen at Coachella and the two seemed unable to stay away from each other. An insider claimed that The Weekend wanted to let everyone know that they love each other.

“Abel is making this grand gesture at Coachella and it’s basically a coming out party for them to be so public about their love,” an insider previously said according to Life & Style. “It’s defining the next stage in their relationship and is showing Selena that the sky is the limit,” the same source added.

Selena and The Weeknd Plan to Spend Easter Together

There is no doubt in the fact that things are going great for Selena Gomez and The Weeknd. The two have been dating for a few months now and they are planning to spend Easter together. The famous singers are said to be planning a romantic Easter gateway.

And it seems that Selena wants her boyfriend to spend Easter with her family. It has been claimed that she asked The Weeknd to “go back home with her to spend time with her family.” The two singers are planning a gateway as they have more time to spend together now, considering that The Weeknd has ended his South American tour, part of his big international tour.

Insiders claimed that the pair will surely spend Easter together, although they are not yet sure where. Selena wants The Weeknd to “go back home with her to spend time with her family, but she’s also open to the idea of going on a romantic getaway with him” a source said according to Hollywood Life. The insider revealed that The Weeknd may actually be planning a secret vacation, as a surprise for his girlfriend.

Well, it surely seems that it does not matter for Selena where she and her boyfriend will go, she just wants to spend “some uninterrupted alone time with her man.” Well, if the pair will go away for some alone time, this would actually not be their first vacation together. They already went on a trip to Italy, visiting Florence and Venice.

Selena and The Weeknd’s romance has surely evolved since the two were first spotted together in December, 2016. They were several times seen together and even more so Selena decided to show her support for her boyfriend by accompanying him at some of his shows during his international tour. The two have reportedly already met each other’s families and The Weeknd’s family really liked the young singer. Some insiders claimed that they gave their approval for the two to date, as they believe that Selena was very friendly and they all enjoyed her presence.

Selena Gomez Meets The Weeknd’s Mom

Things are evolving when it comes to the relationship between Selena Gomez and The Weeknd. According to a new rumor, the singer met The Weeknd’s family and it appears that the encounter went really well. Selena actually got approval from his boyfriend’s mom after visiting her in his hometown.

The singer is definitely happy that she got approval from Samara Tesfaye, her boyfriend’s mother. The musician and Selena visited Toronto, Canada, recently for Selena to meet the family. This was actually the first time when she and Samara met and reportedly they really loved each other. One insider talking to Hollywood Life confirmed that the meeting went really well.

“The Weeknd’s mom lives less than an hour away from downtown Toronto and yes, she and Selena have met,” the insider said. “They absolutely adore each other,” the source added. “She treated them both to a homemade Ethiopian dinner,” it went on to add. The same source explained that Selena met with other family members, as well.

“She also got a chance to meet some other family members, and a couple of close friends,” the insider revealed. “Selena hopes to spend more time with his family, especially his mom, when Abel [The Weeknd’s real name] returns for a couple of shows in May,” it concluded. So, this means that Selena plans on visiting once again and spending more time with the family.

Selena and The Weeknd started dating earlier this year and they were not afraid to show that they were a couple. In fact, the two have not tried to hide their romance and were spotted together on several occasions. They were most recently seen enjoying a movie night in Toronto. Apparently, the pair wanted privacy, so the musician actually rented the whole VIP section of the movie theater. The pair watched Got Out, a comedy horror movie.

An insider who spotted the two stars during their movie date claimed that they were very affectionate to one another and Selena was “super cute with him.” She allegedly was seen hugging The Weeknd. Without a doubt, things couldn’t be better in this romance.

Selena Gomez Talks about Rehab Stay

Selena Gomez has always been quite open in talking about her personal problems. Now, the famous singer decided to open up about her rehab stint and she also decided to talk about her reasons in stopping using Instagram. Selena opened up during a new interview for Vogue.

So, even though fans could see Instagram shares from Selena, they weren’t actually posted by her singer, but by her assistant who has been posting on Selena’s behalf on Instagram. The star said that her last post dates three months back.

“As soon as I became the most followed person on Instagram, I sort of freaked out. It had become so consuming to me. It’s what I woke up to and went to sleep to. I was an addict, and it felt like I was seeing things I didn’t want to see, like it was putting things in my head that I didn’t want to care about. I always end up feeling like s**t when I look at Instagram,” Selena confessed, adding that this is why she has decided to take a step back.

Initially, Selena deleted the Instagram app from her phone after she entered rehab and she just stopped using it. She actually said that she doesn’t even know the password to the account. “People so badly wanted me to be authentic, and when that happened, finally, it was a huge release. I’m not different from what I put out there,” Selena said. She went on to add that she has been very vulnerable with her fans at different moments in her life and sometimes she said things she shouldn’t have.

However, Selena still believes that being honest is the best thing she can do. Selena went on to talk about her decision to seek rehab treatment after she canceled her tour. She claimed that she was very down at that moment. “My self-esteem was shot. I was depressed, anxious. I started to have panic attacks right before getting onstage, or right after leaving the stage,” she said. “Basically I felt I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t capable. I felt I wasn’t giving my fans anything, and they could see it-which, I think, was a complete distortion.”

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