Paris Hilton Has Lost Her Engagement Ring

Paris Hilton has once again managed to get the spotlight. The star has received a lot of attention lately as it seems that she lost her engagement ring. The jewelry costs no less than $2 million. Apparently, it all happened while Paris was partying at a club in Miami.

Of course, Paris was very much upset to have lost the special jewelry. Several reports said that Paris lost her engagement ring while dancing in the night club. Page Six reported that as soon as she realized what happened, Paris started to panic. The club was very dark and the star was unable to see her ring.

“Paris was dancing with her hands in the air, and the next minute her giant ring had flown off. She was really panicked as the venue was packed and very dark. It was the early hours of the morning and it was crazy in there,” an insider said according to the celebrity site.

Luckily for Paris, her fiancé was there and he helped with the search of the special jewelry. It was in fact the star’s fiancé, Chris Zylka, who found the engagement ring in an ice bucket two tables down form where Paris was staying. While Chris was searching for the ring, Paris was waiting in tears, sources claimed.

“There was a frantic scramble with everyone looking for it, people were crawling on the floor, under tables, under other people’s feet and under seats. Miraculously they found the ring in an ice bucket two tables down,” an insider said. “It was amazing that they managed to even see that huge diamond in an ice bucket. Paris cried with relief when it was safely back on her finger,” the source concluded.

Paris herself later confirmed that the incident took place and said that she was really happy that it all ended well.

Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka to Get Married?

Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka have been in a happy relationship for a few months and now it seems that the two are ready to take their relationship to the next level. It has been claimed that Paris and Chris could be getting engaged very soon.

Paris and Chris reportedly started dating at the beginning of 2017, but it appears that things have been going so great and they are so in love that they want to get engaged. The news was reported by Hollywood Life, which revealed that Chris has been shopping for a custom engagement ring for his special someone. Furthermore, the report claimed that the two stars have already spoken about having a baby.

“Paris is convinced she wants to spend the rest of her life with her boyfriend, Chris, and they are seriously planning a long, happy future together,” a source said according to the celebrity site. “The couple have laid out plans for their engagement, marriage and even having a baby,” the same insider went on to add. The source also said that the happy pair have been looking for the perfect engagement ring.

“The first step is the engagement and the couple are currently shopping around Beverly Hills for a custom ring that is appropriate for Paris,” the source said. “Chris and Paris are shopping for a ring that is elegant and classy but that does not pale in comparison to the past ring,” it added. So, it surely seems that finding the perfect ring for Paris might not be that simple.

The rumors have not been confirmed for the moment, but if the engagement is true it will definitely be no shock for Paris’ fans, as the star previously revealed that she and Chris were in a very serious relationship. She also claimed that the relationship changed her and made her stay more at home instead of being out partying.

“Now that I am in a serious relationship and my boyfriend has film projects, I can’t do the residency for the full five months,” Paris said. “He doesn’t care about going out. He’d much rather just be in bed with me, watching TV and relaxing,” she concluded.

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