Selena Gomez’s Family Is Not Happy with Justin Bieber Reconciliation

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are a happy couple once again, but it seems that not everyone is excited about this relationship. In fact, it has been claimed that Selena’s family does not really agree with the reconciliation.

A report from E! News said that Selena’s mother Mandy, but also the rest of the singer’s family, are actually against the fact that she and Bieber are back together. A source talking to the celebrity site said that they are “not happy about them being together at all.” The source went on to explain that the family is actually worried about Selena.

The insider claimed that Selena’s family does not agree with the reconciliation simply because they do not consider Bieber to be a good person for Selena to have in her life. “They do not think he is a good person for Selena to have in her life and are skeptical that he has changed. Even if he is on his best behavior for now, eventually he will unravel. He has caused so much angst for the family and for Selena.”

The source claimed that her family only wants what is best for the young singer and wants to protect her. “They are very sad that she is choosing this route. They want to protect her as much as they can, but it is causing them a great deal of stress and pain to watch her give him another chance,” the insider concluded.

The source also said that Selena and Justin will be spending the holidays apart, as the Baby singer has not been invited to her family’s home. In fact, Selena’s family has allegedly made it clear that Bieber is not welcome.

Well, the singer has not commented on this report and she surely seems to be enjoying an amazing time in the company of her boyfriend. And she has definitely decided to give Justin another chance. Selena and Justin were first spotted together back in October. Ever since that moment, they were constantly seen in each other’s company, enjoying romantic trips and being spotted kissing.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Attend Hockey Game Together

There is no doubt in the fact that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber seem to become closer and closer. The two have been spotted together at various occasions lately and they seem to be getting along really well. The latest outing for the famous pair was at a hockey game on Wednesday.

In fact, Selena was there to cheer for her former boyfriend. And not only that Selena attended the game, but she and Justin were actually spotted leaving together from the venue. Furthermore, even though Selena was seen arriving in some black clothing, she was actually spotted leaving wearing Justin’s New Jersey Devils hockey jersey. Without a doubt, there is no wonder that it has been claimed that Selena and Justin might be thinking about reconciling.

Selena and Justin have been a couple between 2011 and 2015. Following their split, Selena has been dating The Weeknd, while Justin has been linked to a series of women. It has also been claimed that Selena recently ended her relationship with the famous musician.

Selena and Justin were also seen enjoying a bike ride together in Los Angeles and the two seemed to be very happy in each other’s company. Several sources said that after their 2015 split, Justin and Selena went through a period in which they kept distance, but they started talking once again after Selena’s kidney surgery. Insiders claimed that Justin wanted to apologize and be there for her.

Furthermore, a source told People that the young star is very happy that Selena is single once again. “Justin is happy Selena is single. He hopes to regain her trust so they can get back together,” the insider claimed. The source also said that Justin is very determined to make things work with Selena this time.

“They have so much to catch up on,” the source explained. “They dealt with things separately this year that made them different people. It wouldn’t be surprising if they got back together,” the same insider concluded. Sources also said that this time things might work between the two because Justin is a much better person and he can definitely be a better boyfriend for the young singer.

Could Selena Gomez Reconcile with Justin Bieber?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have reportedly spent a lot of time together in the past few weeks. And because they seem to be so close now, some reports claimed that the singer’s family and friends worry that Selena could be reconciling with the Baby singer.

Hollywood Life reported that Selena’ dear ones are not happy at all with the fact that she has been spending time with Justin Bieber. “Selena literally has a second chance at life after her lifesaving kidney transplant, and her family and friends are worried that she is using her time to get back in contact with Justin,” an insider explained according to the celebrity site.

The same source went on to explain that Selena’s friends and family are not sure that the two famous singers are just friends and will stay this way in the near future. “Her friends and family are not convinced that they are just going to remain as friends. Most feel that she is going to break up with The Weeknd and go back with Justin. Her loved ones are so concerned for Selena because of her past relationship issues with Justin,” the insider claimed.

The source said that everyone is worried Selena could be ending up with Justin once again, and might even get into a very serious relationship with him. “Selena’s friends and family are all urging The Weeknd to step in now before it is too late. Justin was her first love and her friends and family are convinced that he is going to try to court her again and everyone is worried that she will be in a relationship with Justin by the New Year,” the insider said.

Of course, this report emerged after Justin was spotted spending time with Selena. It has been claimed that the two reconnected after Selena’s kidney surgery. The two were seen having breakfast together, and they were also spotted attending a church service together. The pair has not commented on these rumors, so it remains unclear what their plans are. It also remains unclear what The Weeknd has to say about Selena and Justin’s friendship.

Justin Bieber and Paola Paulin Are Dating

It seems that Justin Bieber has found a new love interest. The popular singer is currently dating Paola Paulin. And according to a new report things are going great between the two. The two were first linked at the end of September and now it has been claimed that they really like each other.

“They’re totally smitten with each other,” an insider said according to US Weekly. The same source went on to add that the pair enjoyed a lovely dinner out and had a great time together. They went to Soho House in West Hollywood. “She had the salmon salad and he had the chicken salad,” the source explained. “They were all over each other and didn’t care who was watching. They left together after that,” the insider concluded.

As imagined, there is no official comment from the pair for the moment. Initially, Bieber and Paola were spotted attending a church service together in Beverly Hills. Apparently, Bieber asked her to attend the service with him the same day when he met her. A source claimed at that time that after this the two went on a date. The new couple visited the same church last week, as well. “They were cute together,” the source claimed. “Justin wanted Paola to meet the pastor, so he introduced her,” the insider explained.

Justin Bieber seems to be doing much better lately. The star has managed to stay away from more scandals and it seems that he found a new love interest. However, there is no doubt in the fact that when it comes to Bieber’s love life, he remains best known for his relationship with Selena Gomez. The two dated for about three years, between 2011 and 2014. Since their separation, Bieber has been linked to a lot of famous women.

On the other hand, Selena has been dating The Weeknd for a couple of months now. Some reports claimed at one point that the two have already talked about marriage. None of the claims has been confirmed.

Justin Bieber Talks about Canceled Tour

Famous singer Justin Bieber has been very open in the past few days when it comes to his personal struggles. The popular star actually decided to open up about his decision to cancel his tour. This decision is in fact only one of the controversial moments involving Justin lately.

Besides canceling his tour, Justin has also been criticised for hitting a paparazzo with his car, as well as for being banned from China. So, we can surely say that the young star has stayed a lot in the spotlight lately. As imagined, Justin did not attend a live interview to talk about his decision to cancel his tour, but in fact the star shared a long post on Instagram on the subject.

“I’ve learned the more you appreciate your calling, the more you want to protect your calling,” Justin’s post said. “Me taking this time right now is me saying I want to be SUSTAINABLE … I want my career to be sustainable, but I also want my mind, heart, and soul to be sustainable. So that I can be the man I want to be, the husband I eventually want to be, and the father I want to be,” it added.

The star did not give a lot of insights into what has been going on, but he decided to make a reference to his mistakes and troubles. “I have let my insecurities get the best of me at times, I let my broken relationships dictate the way I acted toward people and the way I treated them,” he explained in the post. “I let bitterness, jealousy and fear run my life.!!!! … What I’m not gonna do is be ashamed of my mistakes. I wanna be a man that learns from them and grows from them!!,” Justin concluded.

Justin Bieber decided to cancel his tour on July 24, when the official announcement was made by his tour promoter. The statement said that Justin was sorry to disappoint his fans, and that he was very thankful to the fans for the experiences he enjoyed during the tour. The tour contained no less than 150 shows across the world.

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