Alex Rodriguez Opens Up about Jennifer Lopez Romance

After being linked for several weeks, it seems that Alex Rodriguez has finally decided to open up about his romance with Jennifer Lopez. Until now, the rumors claimed that the two have been dating for several weeks and things were going great between them.

However, Jennifer and Alex remained silent about these rumors and provided no insights into their relationship. This surely has changed now with the latest appearance that Alex Rodriguez made on The View. The star actually praised his new girlfriend and revealed his admiration for her numerous qualities. This was the first time when he talked about the popular singer.

The baseball player said that he and Jennifer are having an amazing time together. “It’s obvious, we’ve been having a great time,” he said. “She’s an amazing, amazing girl. One of the smartest human beings I’ve ever met, and also an incredible mother,” Alex went on to add. And he also revealed that they have something in common. “She was a track star in high school and junior high, so she’s an awesome, awesome athlete,” he said. “She just likes simple things. I mean, she’s a very, very simple person. Loves family. She’s a great sister, a great daughter.”

It surely seems that he had only nice things to say, and the fact that Alex and Jennifer are no longer trying to hide their romance has become quite clear. The same day after his appearance on this show, Alex and Jennifer were spotted together enjoying a lunch date at a New York restaurant. This was their first appearance as a couple.

They were both seen smiling and Jennifer was actually putting her hand on his arm as the cute couple was sharing an umbrella. Jennifer and Alex were also wearing matching outfits and they looked absolutely great together.

Jennifer and Alex have been spending a lot of time together lately and they actually also enjoyed a romantic getaway in the Bahamas and Miami last month. As things seem to be going great between them, the two decided now to officially make their relationship public.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Not going to Wed Soon

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are currently dating and a series of rumors have claimed that things are going really great in this relationship. The two stars are actually said to be ready to take things to the next level. So, it has been revealed that that the two are already planning on getting married.

Initially, the rumors sad that Jennifer and Alex will be wedding very soon. However, now it has been said that the two may not wed in the near future, but only because they are so busy and don’t have time to make this happen. One insider explained that there is no rush with the wedding, as things are great between Jennifer and her boyfriend.

“For a marriage or engagement to happen this year is a little far fetched and will probably be pushed to a later date, maybe 2018 or 2019,” an insider said according to Hollywood Life. “They are being realistic and work is obviously something that is taking over things right now,” the same source went on to add. “Jen is hustling like crazy for the rest of the year and Alex is busy with all his broadcasting commitments,” the insider explained.

The same source said that both Jennifer and Alex want things to be perfect between them and they are still getting to know each other’s children, while continuing to focus on their career projects. “They are both still getting acclimated with each other’s kids, and they just want everything to be perfect,” the source explained. “They know that special things take time, so there is no rush. Everything is going smoothly right now.”

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been linked for several weeks now, although the two have not opened up about their relationship. The two stars were spotted together on several dates and insiders claimed that they are very much in love. Sources revealed that Jennifer and Alex get along so well so quickly because they have the same interests and have a lot of things in common. They both have children and are “family oriented.”

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are dating

A new People report confirmed that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are a couple. The source told People that the two famous stars have actually been dating for a few weeks now and it definitely seems that things are going great between them. The romance rumors first emerged a couple of days ago, although the two have not officially talked about the claims.

The insider also claimed that there are many things that Jennifer and Alex have in common. “He has been around her family and she really likes that he is a dad. She is aware, though, that he is a ladies’ man too and is being cautious. For now, it’s just fun. She is single and enjoys dating,” the insider explained. Alex has two daughters from his previous marriage. Jennifer also has two children from her former marriage to Marc Anthony.

“He loves family and so does she. For Jennifer, family comes first,” the insider said. Jennifer also revealed during a recent interview that her children are her main priority. “You know, they’re always first,” the star said. A source also explained that Alex has always had a crush on Jennifer, being conquered by both her beauty and her personality. “She is his dream girl,” the insider said.

Well, the latest rumors also indicate that Alex and Jennifer have been spending some time together in the Bahamas. The rumors claimed that while being in the Bahamas, Jennifer shared a photo of herself and a man who appeared to be Alex. As imagined, the photo did not stay online for too long, so Jennifer almost immediately decided to delete it. Maybe, the star felt that it was not the moment to make her relationship public.

Without a doubt, the star looked great while being spotted during the Bahamas vacation. It has been claimed that the couple flew on a private jet from Miami to the Bahamas to spend a romantic weekend together. The two have been very discrete about the romance, so maybe this is the reason why Jennifer removed the pic she shared on social media. It is yet to find out if the two will finally confirm that they are dating.

Jennifer Lopez Rumored to be Dating Alex Rodriguez

A new man has been linked to famous singer Jennifer Lopez. The rumors are claiming now that the star may be dating Alex Rodriguez. The news were first reported by Page Six, which claimed that it talked to a source close to the two, which confirmed the dating story.

“They have been seeing each other for a few months — and were together in LA this past weekend,” the source said. “They are really into each other because they have so much in common — from their Latin roots, to their love of New York, and their kids,” the same insider added. The rumors on a potential relationship emerged after Alex attended one of Jennifer’s Las Vegas shows. Then, Jennifer took to Instagram to like a photo posted by Alex, so immediately a link was made.

Before being linked to Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez is known to have dated Anne Wojcicki, a Silicon Valley CEO. The two dated for about one year, but it has been claimed that they separated because they were too different. He has previously been linked to actresses Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson, but also to famous singer Madonna.

On the other hand, Jennifer has stayed in the spotlight for months with her personal life. A series of rumors claimed that she was dating rapper Drake, although Jennifer refused to confirm this and actually denied the dating claims during one interview. She is also known to have dated dancer Casper Smart for years and of course Jennifer was married once, to Marc Anthony. She has twins from her marriage with the singer.

Well, after the new rumors emerged, an insider said that Drake was really devastated with the fact that Jennifer moved on so quickly with Alex. “Drake hates the news because he feels like he let her get away,” a source said according to Hollywood Life. The same insider went on to add that Drake believes that Alex is now “enjoying the relationship he could have had with her.” The source also said that Drake understands her decision and thinks that Alex is someone that Jennifer needs.

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