Tag Heuer has started production of its new smartwatch

Approximately a month after Tag Heuer has unveiled their first Android smartwatch, now, they have boosted their production to keep up with demand. So, now, famous Swiss watchmaker, Tag Heuer is producing approximately 2,000 devices per week, up from 1,200. 

This is incredible news knowing that their new smartwatch is not as cheap as other devices on the market. Moreover, they also declared that their online sales will be suspended until May, to give priority to their existing stores. 

The new Tag Heuer Connected Watch is available at the price of 1,500 dollars and comes with a good-looking titanium case and runs Android Wear. Moreover, customers will also be able to upgrade to a limited edition mechanical watch, but for 1,500 dollars more. 

As it was earlier mentioned, Tag Heuer has also suspended their online sales because they are trying to move sales away from the web. Why? Well, probably to encourage sales at physical stores because there is the true market for this kind of watch. Moreover, watch sales have first happened at such stores, but now, with the web, manufacturers have started to lose control over the sales process. 

It’s a pity that watch shops have started to lose their stability on the market, because watches like Tag Heuer, Rolex and many other famous brands should be bought from their original store. However, returning the their new Connected Watch, Tag Heuer has made an interesting move on the market and now they are starting to compete with other famous brands, like Samsung and Apple. 

So, in partnership with Google and Intel, Tag Heuer has released its 1,500 dollars luxury wearable, which has a textured rubber strap. However, Tag Heuer did not opt for a more futuristic look, meaning that their watch doesn’t look like a smartwatch. The new Connected Watch has a natural look and looks more like a normal watch.

Under the chassis, users will find an Intel Atom processor with 4GB of memory and a battery that will last an entire day. Moreover, this watch also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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