T-Mobile offers free video streaming

Well, it looks like T-Mobile has prepared a huge surprise to its users. The company has declared that it will not charge customers for the data used to stream videos from services like Hulu, HBO and Netflix. 

This announcement has come after T-Mobile has reached an agreement with HBO, Neftlix and other 22 stream video services, but not with YouTube. However, this announcement has come as a huge surprise to its customers, and it can be considered like a Christmas gift, now that the holidays are coming.

However, to be added that the carrier will stream these videos at a lower quality, which is not so great, especially for those who are used to watch HD videos. T-Mobile will also make some new changes, because they are willing to raise the monthly service cost to include more data. However, they are sure that customers will prefer to watch lower-definition video free on their devices, instead of paying a higher price for higher resolution images. 

Unfortunately, there are some big brands that are missing from their offer, including Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat. However, even if YouTube is not in the offer, T-Mobile’s move is surprising, knowing the fact that many carriers in U.S. have built their business around wireless data and mobile video usage.

“Investors will be scared because it looks like T-Mobile is lighting a torch into a competitive wireless environment,” has declared John Leger, T-Mobile’s CEO. “All I can say is we’re not that stupid,” he added. 

For customers, this is a good deal, because they will not be charged for streaming videos from 24 services, including Showtime, Sling TV and ESPN. It is known the fact that T-Mobile has not been paid by content companies. However, they have declared that they will allow other services to join this offer if they meet technical requirements. However, users will still need to pay separately for subscriptions to individual services, like Sling TV or Netflix. 

“We are excited to be a part of their latest move to help make streaming video more easily accessible,” has declared Hulu’s head of distribution, Tim Connolly. “We’re confident T-Mobile will provide a video experience that meets customers’ expectations,” said an ESPN spokeswoman.

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