Suspense Increases As Obama, Romney Prepare For Elections Day

WASHINGTON (AP) – Suspense is getting bigger and bigger as the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama and his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney prepare for Elections Day. Using every means they have, the political candidates made one last appeal to voters in an attempt to win them on their sides.

America is deeply divided between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama which is why both candidates are terrified by the prospect of Elections Day. They both yielded the center stage to determine voters to back them up, a mission which is all the more difficult considering that Americans have been through dire straits in the past week, their homes and cities being devastated by the super storm.

Judging by the recent reports, Obama has more chances of winning the Elections Day, so Romney addressed his voters in Cleveland and Pittsburgh on Tuesday. His running mate, Paul Ryan, will visit Cleveland and Richmond, Va. making sure the Republican candidate gets all the publicity he needs. Unlike them, Barack Obama will release various radio and TV interviews to remind electors why they should choose him.

The United States President reminded everyone why they elected him in the first place. He recalled them that Republicans threw America in the current economic crisis and the healing has just begun during his government. The way he sees it, electors have two possibilities: they can either choose to go back to “to the top-down policies that crashed [the] economy” or let him complete the work he started during his first term. In his opinion, America needs a person who can provide equal opportunity to everyone and grow a strong middle class.

Romney, on the other hand, stated that Obama had his chance of ensuring the country’s economic stability, but he missed it. Prolonging Obama’s administration with another term is definitely not the solution, he declared. “No, Mr. President, more jobs, that’s the answer for America,” the Republican candidate added in the end of his Sanford, Fla. speech. 

Voters, however, hope the Elections Day will be over soon. The grinding political campaign was tiresome for them, too, not just for the candidates. Nurse Jennifer Walker in Columbus, Ohio confessed that she is “ready for it to be over”.

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