Suge Knight Was Not Arrested In Tupac Murder Case

Founder and CEO of Black Kapital Records, Suge Knight is quite the controversial hip hop figure. After Coachella’s amazing performance of Tupac hologram, former CEO of Death Row Records Suge Knight said that the rapper might still be alive. Now, two weeks later, the media roams over reports that Suge Knight was arrested for killing Tupac. The truth is that Suge Knight was not arrested in the Tupac murder case.

Like most old school bad boy rappers in the United States, Marion aka Suge Knight has quite a track record of violence and crime. In fact, the first crime record dates back to 1987 and it continues with gun charges, drug possession, probation violations and so on. Earlier this week, Suge Knight was said to have been arrested for Tupac Shakur’s murder.

The rumor started on Twitter and went viral from that point on. The news was that Suge Knight was arrested in Tupac murder case while he was still in Las Vegas. Many thought the rumor was in fact reality and didn’t seem too surprised about it. There are some opinions that Suge Knight was actually the man who gave the order to have both Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. killed.

But as it turned out later on, it looks like the report was a hoax.  At least that’s what the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said. Their spokeswoman Laura Meltzer told E! News: “I don’t have any information that Suge Knight has been arrested. We picked him up on some traffic warrants back in February and that is the last arrest I show for him”.

Suge Knight got under the public eye with a quite controversial theory. He told a radio, soon after the Tupac hologram performance at Coachella, that he doesn’t believe the rap artist is dead. “Maybe the question is…Pac’s not really dead…Pac’s somewhere else. Nobody seen Tupac dead” told Suge Knight on 93.5 KDay radio in Los Angeles.

The notorious CEO of Black Kapital Records explained that he thinks Tupac faked his own death, after getting 3 million dollars. “The person who supposedly cremated Tupac…this guy got about 3 million dollars…personally from me…cash…and the next thing I know I never heard from the guy or seen him again…he retired and left” concluded Suge Knight.

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  1. Look i’ve been tellin people for years that my friend, foe and brother is still alive. And i dont mean he’s living though someone yet he dose live though me, BUT Tupac is a very intelligent and knowledgeble man he saw what this “world” was tryin to do and in his own way he tried to change things. But u know the white man saw that and try to put a stop to him AND guess who helped him

  2. Suge Knight is just trying to sell more 2pac records cuz hes broke. He still gets paid off 2pac. After Coachella he just wants the buzz to grow.

  3. if you guys knew tupac u would understand that he would not stay quit this long!!let the man rest in peace he long gone…

  4. For real you guys; as much as Tupac loved the spotlight and liked to floss you really think he would hide out somewhere? Come on now. As far as Eugenia Knight is corncerned;the Lord will handle that; whatever we have done in the dark what u think no one knows; well he knows all and we all will have to answer for our sins.

  5. Stupid article not accurate or current. The part bout suge killing PAC and it being reported like a year old.

  6. Brian Jordan, you are an idiot!!!!!! He tried to changed the world by demoralizing women, rapping about killing, drugs, and sex. The only thing he was changing was his bank roll! Is there air on your planet!! Wake up and learn the english language.

  7. Man stfu, the “white man” your and idiot I love Tupac my friend foe and brother… For you to say the “white man” makes you ignorant as can be I hope people look at your comment laugh. Look who killed the dude? Look who kills half of the African Americans in this world their own color so shut up I am white and I love black people. Damn

  8. I think that 2 PAC was at the point in his life where he realized it was time for a change not just him or for his race but for all people I think god had a purpose for him yeah he did some f crap but we all have…. Rest in peace brother

  9. Oh Brian your an idio.. The “white man” had nothing to do with it. Pac is definitely dead. I personally know the coroner that examined his body. Pac was such an idi** that he shot his own nut off at a club in N.Y. a year before he was gunned down. Live like a thug, die like a thug.

  10. Everyone who doesn’t like Tupac sure is taking out a good amount of time leaving a comment, comments are meant for the fans! SO F**K OFF!

  11. Tupac THE GREATEST rapper ever!! So intelligent, very intellectual on speaking metophorically, & a homicidal lyrical lyrists

  12. Well, I’d say Suge Knight has a great interest in 2pac being “not dead” due to the fact that if not for Suge and a few dirty cops, 2Pac wouldn’t have been killed when he was… Watch the documentary “Biggie & Tupac”… there’s a photo of 2Pac after his lung has been removed…. THAT guy is DEAD. I believe Suge Knight payed cops to throw the investigations into Pac’s murder, and Biggie’s murder. Pac was FED UP with Death Row, and he was leaving after “Makaveli” dropped. Suge decided to take him out. All signs point to Suge Knight.

  13. Suge knight is the number one suspect in the murder of notorious BIG and 2pac shakurs murders. This blood gangster thinks his smarter than a 5th grader.he paid off LA police offricers to do suge dirty work.he saying 2pac still alive?2pac is not hiding anywhere, suge made that story up,so police and fans doesn’t go after him.point blanc. Go get that son of a bitc*….

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