Study Shows 1.8 Million Dead Registered U.S. Voters Still On The List

With only a few months to go before the November presidential elections, a study shows the glitches in the voter registrations system of the United States. One finding in particular should draw attention as the study shows there are 1.8 million dead registered U.S. voters who are still on the list.

On Tuesday, the Pew Center released a study that showed the glitches in the voting U.S. system. From minor things such as address inaccuracies to huge issues such as almost two million of dead U.S. citizens that are still registered in the lists as viable voters.

Pew Center’s report shows that 24 million of the active voter registrations in United States have serious errors. And this figure does not take into account the 1.8 million registered voters that aren’t alive anymore.

On top of that, 2.75 million people in the United States are registered as active voters in more than one state. Meanwhile about 12 million registrations contain some sort of address inaccuracy. But, Pew Center writes that they don’t have evidence of widespread fraud. However, they recommend outdated state systems to try and keep up.

Beyond the irony of expecting 1.8 million dead people to come place their votes, such glitches in the system cost the taxpayers more than enough. The Pew Center found out that in Oregon, the state spent more than $8.8 million on voter registration alone in 2008’s election. Each active voter registered charged the state $4.11.

Senior Officer for Election Initiatives at the Pew Center on the States, told the Daily News: “The way the current system is set up doesn’t respond to the mobility of our society”.

Eight states announced they are currently working to update their system in order to identify people whose registrations may be out of date. Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed Told Associated Press that in his opinion this measure will bring more trust and confidence to the election system.

But Pew Center suggests systems should go digital. Researchers give Canada’s example, that switched to a digital registration technology that allowed the state to reduce costs at 35 cents per voter nationwide.

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  1. Precisely why the DNC opposes voter ID so much; it violates the deceased’s right to vote freely and often.

    How many dead voters in Cook County, IL?

  2. 2.5 million people die each year so we should expect that voter rolls will be at least 6 months behind. The number of dead voters on the rolls will never be zero

  3. Yet the dead (still) don’t vote… The problem is we dont want to spend the money to move to digital registration because we need to reduce state government budgets for tax cuts. Also, maybe, just maybe, not EVERYONE has the internet in America who wants to vote, like say, the homeless, and the poor. Oh, and I’m excited for the day when the US/state governments outsources the online registration to China to save a few bucks. God bless America!

  4. I was in Canada during their last national election..When I asked the corporate attorney I was working with about ID requirements, he was shocked that theer was any question, and even more so when I informed his that it was controversial in the States.

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