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Steps To Get Long Natural Lashes

False lashes seem to be everywhere these days, but not everybody can wear them because they tend to confer a very unnatural look. If your eyelashes are rare or short, you can still make them appear long with the help of several tricks.

First of all, there are various medical products that may be used to enhance the growth of your lashes from serums to eye creams and supplements. Before using any of these medicines, you need to perform a medical checkup to see whether they are good for you or not. The most recommended product at present is Latisse which is applied as a regular ophthalmic solution. Some people are allergic to this product which is why you should stop using it as soon as you notice that your eyes are itchy or red.

The eyeliner is the beauty product that should never miss from your purse because it makes your lashes look fuller in just as few seconds. Before you apply anything on them, trace the contour of your upper lids with black eyeliner. The line doesn’t have to be continuous; in fact, many celebrities place small dots of eyeliner between lashes to confer more volume and look natural.

Since standards are very high these days, your eyelashes also have to be curled, not just long and voluminous. A curler can solve this problem for you, but you first need to learn how to use it: place the curler as close as possible to the tip of the lashes and gently press them until they get the form that you want. Don’t use sudden or violent moves as you might cause them to fall out.

In the end, you only need to apply two coats of mascara and you will get instant longer lashes. Choose natural products that are enriched with vitamins because they will protect your eyes and will make your lashes grow longer. You should also avoid waterproof mascaras as they are very toxic and very difficult to remove even when using special cleansers. The residues will affect your eyelashes on the long run making them shorter and thinner.

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  1. I have been using Latisse with great results.
    Thank you for the other lash health tips, I will try them.

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