Spotify can be found on Sony’s PS4 and PS3

A few weeks ago, Sony declared that it officially stopped its Music Unlimited streaming service and signed a partnership with the biggest and most famous streaming music space, known as Spotify. This means that Music Unlimited cannot be used anymore, but instead Spotify users can now log into the service using PS4 or PS3. Probably this new deal will mean that Spotify will not come to the Xbox One any time soon. 

So, how the service works? The first time when a user will launch the Spotify app on his PlayStation console, he will get the expected sign up or log in screen. If the owner is an existing Spotify user, he can introduce his main account or just log in with Facebook. After he logged in, the interface is pretty familiar to Spotify and PlayStation users alike.

By default, the user will be dropped into Spotify’s main “browse” section, which allows him to find curated playlists and extensive genre and mood-base playlist sub-categories. The iconography is the same, so it is familiar to anyone who used the service before, but to be mentioned that the app design is more closely to Sony’s PS4 interface. However, it’s pretty simple and after a couple a minutes browsing through the app, users will get familiar with it. It doesn’t take many steps to get into the playing music, that’s for sure. It is also worth to be mentioned that any song can be added to the collection with one click of a button.

The best part about this partnership between Sony and Spotify is that the streaming service can be used for free. This is one great step ahead, compared with other gaming consoles, for example Roku, that could only play music from Spotify with a full paid subscription, costing 9,99 dollars. PlayStation Music was released on Monday, in 41 countries, including UK, US and Australia. The Spotify app will allow users to use it for background listening during gaming or just use their TV as a stereo. The best part is that Spotify can be used either with the gaming controller or with a tablet or a mobile.

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