Sphero BB-8 is for Star Wars Fans

It is September and Star Wars fans received two great news until now. The first one is the trailer that was released last November with the new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and now the unveil of the BB-8, one little astromech droid. To be added that during the trailer there was spotted one cute and little spherical robot wondering along the desert landscape.

Well, that little robot was designed by LucasFilm, but a Colorado-based toy Robot Company called Sphero, has designed one in life-size model. Coincidence or not, this was the perfect timing for a release.

To be mentioned that Sphero has launched in 2011 an eponymous robot that could have been remote-controlled via a smartphone app. However, in present they have launched another robot, named BB-8. This spherical robot is accompanied by an app that allows users to drive it around and send it on several tiny adventures.

The new BB-8 is available at the price of 150 dollars and it will be without a doubt a huge success among Star Wars fans, especially because will appear in the next movie. 

As for design, the new BB-8 is actually a plastic toy and it is not like the droid seen in the film, massively scuffed. However, if owners will play enough with it, it probably ends looking like that. Moreover, there is a significant heft while picking it up, due to the components inside. A gyroscope, wheels and weights keep the internal oriented and positioned in the same direction as the users drive the robot around.

Moreover, the internals also include a magnet located at the top of the ball, with matching magnets inside the robot’s head, accompanied by little wheels underneath. This means that when BB-8 rolls around, the magnets manage to hold the head in place and the wheels have the function to allow it to roll over the robot’s body.

As it was mentioned before, BB-8 is accompanied by an app, available on Android and iOS. This app has three functions and a digital joystick for controlling the robot. Moreover, the app also has a built-in voice control, meaning that BB-8 can respond to user’s voice commands. 

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