Sony STR-DN1060 delivers a big sound

During the past few years, Sony has delivered some good midrange AV receivers, which have been packed with some healthy mix of extensive features and a great performance. The new Sony STR-DN1060 is probably the best midrange model that the company has ever released. Being available at the price of 600 dollars, this model is coming as an upgrade to the 2014’s STR-DN1050.

This model comes with a wireless functionality, offering the opportunity to send audio from tablets, phones and laptops. However, while the company will release the opportunity so users can enjoy some kinks, like Spotify Connectand SongPal Link app, this Bluetooth feature keeps that product fresh. 

The new Sony STR-DN1060 also offers a great surround sound performance and solid music quality, being one of the best receivers on the market, when it comes to the price range of 500-600 dollars. Probably, only Onkyo TX-NR646 could compete with such surround sound performance.

Even if some of Sony’s receivers have received some design changes, it seems that the DN looks exactly the same, meaning that users should expect the same brutish black box. However, its design is not ugly at all, so home-theater fans have nothing to worry about. As for the button arrangement, Sony has placed the selection knob and the volume on the right-hand side, not like on other receivers where the selection knob is found on the left and the volume on the right. 

To be mentioned that Sony has redesigned its receiver interface back in 2013, after using the PlayStation-Inpired XMB for several years. The new STR-DN1060 comes with an attractive home-screen, featuring colorful icons and readable text. As for the remote controls, this is very economical in the amount of buttons and users will easily access the things they need.

The new Sony STR-DN1060 is a 7.2-channel receiver that comes packed with a high level of physical and wireless connectivity. The reicever’s built-in Wi-Fi supports DLNA, Spotify Connect that will come in July 2015, Apple’s AirPlay streaming protocol and Google Cast. This receiver could also be used with a set of Bluetooth headphones, which are perfect for a late-night listening. 

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