Sony Reveals SmartWatch 3

Sony still tries to be a good competitor on the smartwatch market. Unfortunately, the famous company has not registered the success they hoped for. The polls are showing that SmartWatch 2 was no match for the giants. Now, Sony is coming with a new product, named SmartWatch 3.

This watch has an improved design, with interchangeable straps, better waterproofing and ditched its custom interface. It runs Android Wear, like other smartwatches, for example Samsung, Sony, Motorola and LG. You can find SmartWatch 3 on sole for the cost of 250 dollars in the US, £190 in the UK and AU$315 in Australia.

Sony has opted for a square face, instead of a traditional circular face, such as LG G Watch R. It comes with a rubber strap, which meets the display. This makes it look more like a fitness watch than a regular one. There is no doubt that this rubber material doesn’t present the luxury of leather or metal. However, this doesn’t means that it is unattractive, but the plain square face and the rubber strap is more for sports. It may not be the sort of elegant device that you will want to wear at an elegant outfit.

However, the flexible rubber strap is very comfortable to wear even if the watch is a little bit chunky and heavy. Part of the reason is that the watch features a micro-USB port for charging directly into it. This means that you don’t need to use a separate charging cradle and you can put the charging cable directly into the device.

This is a real bonus because you don’t need to remember to take the charger with you wherever you are going. Another cool tip is that you can pop up the screen from the rubber surrounding it and change the color and style of the strap. Right now there are available only two color straps: black and bright lime-green.

SmartWatch 3 has a 1.6-inch square display with a 320×320-pixel resolution. It is entirely waterproof, not only water-resistant. So, you can wash the dishes with it, when you are at a gym or when you go swimming. The battery life can resist at least two days if you use it moderately. If you need to use the GPS or listen often to music, probably it will last less than that.

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