Sony Releases Sony SRS-X11

These days, Sony has unveiled its new Bluetooth speaker box, called Sony SRS-X11, which is available at the price of 70 dollars. This portable Bluetooth speaker is considered to be a high-end device on a wireless speaker market that is already crowded.

Probably, many clients will be tempted to buy a better-sounding speaker for the same money, but they will definitely be impressed to find out that this tiny wireless speaker sounds amazingly well. Sony SRS-X11 comes at the weight of 7.6 ounces, meaning that it is smaller than Rubik’s Cube. However, it feels well built and with enough heft to give the impression that it is a high-end speaker.

Sony SRS-X11 is available in multiple color options. Moreover, it comes with a soft-to-touch finish on both the back and the top of the speaker. Users will find the volume controls, power button and answer/end button for the built-in speakerphone on the top of the speaker.

To be mentioned that the built-it speakerphone works pretty well, but users must not expect it to perform like a business-grade speakerphone. Sony SRS-X11 also comes with some other interesting features, like NFC tap-to-pair technology for devices that support it and an audio input. Moreover, Sony has introduced the ability to join two speakers together wirelessly and create a left/right stereo pair. This is a great feature especially for users who want to listen to a large variety of music types.

Even if there are several tiny Bluetooth speakers on the market, Sony SRS-X11 is without a doubt on top of the list. As it was mentioned before, these days, the portable Bluetooth market is getting really crowded and every company is trying to come up with something new with their products. Many companies have introduced the splashproff features, while other are thinking how to produce a more easy to travel speaker. 

Some of the best Bluetooth speakers out there are Logitech X100, JBL Clip Plus and Sol Republic Punk. Sony SRS-X11 comes with a 12 hours battery life used at moderate volume levels, and from a sound standpoing, this speaker can compete with every Bluetooth speaker on the market. Sony SRS-X11 comes with a 10 watts of power, which is almost double of what these micro speakers are featuring.

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