Sony in Talks with Apple to Become a Supplier for iPhone Camera Sensors

Reports reveal that Apple might sign a partnership with Sony, which will become a supplier for iPhone camera sensors. The two famous companies are in talks for a collaboration at this point, but it is yet to see what deal they will reach. 

The new iPhone is expected to be released this year, while Sony is said to be the main supplier for the components of its camera.

The news was first published in Japan’s Nikkei, and it seems that the negotiations between the two parties are going quite well. Reports reveal that what Apple wants is to double the supply for camera components, for the release of its new iPhone.  

Sony currently is the supplier for CMOS sensors for Apple’s primary camera on iPhones, but it looks like the two companies will extend their collaboration with a new partnership.

There is no wonder after all that Apple choose to work with Sony, as the famous manufacturer has become quite popular for its high quality camera sensors, featured in the Xperia. 

Well, the new reports reveal that a partnership between Apple and Sony for these components will actually be appreciated by the fans. In fact, the sensor used in iPhone 5S has also been designed by Sony, receiving the best reviews possible.

Sony is the supplier of the complementary metal-oxide semiconductor found in the rear-mounted cameras of this device. Sony is believed to supply more than 100 million sensor for iPhones per year, but probably this number will grow even higher. 

The potential iPhone 6 that Apple is believed to release soon has been rumored for months now. The new iPhone is expected to be quite a great new release, since Apple did not bring major or impressive improvements with its last updates on the smartphone market, including the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. 

What will iPhone 6 bring is something that remains unknown for now, but most likely this will be a highly popular new smartphone, which will bring even improved features compared to the latest releases on the smartphone market, including the highly acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S5.

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