Sony BDP-S5500 streaming games

There was a time when blue-ray payers were a great deal on the market, but now, customers are waiting for something more attractive, like the 4K. Of course, streaming media is no doubt, more comfortable for users than physical discs, but Netflix or any other apps still can’t match the picture quality of Blu-ray. For customers who are looking to stream movies, but also to watch them in the best possible quality, the new Blue-ray player for Sony, BDP-S5500 is one of the best ways to go.

Sony has managed to improve the users interface and picture performance and by releasing the new BDP-S5500, they offer a discreet size. This Blue-ray also comes with some interesting features, like streaming PS3 games, due to PlayStation Now, but also 3D playback. On a market that streaming dominates the podium and customers are waiting for 4k Blu-ray to be released, the BDP-S5500 from Sony is something that is worth trying. These players are probably among the best disc players that will be released, at this amount of money. Sony BDP-S5500 is available at the price of 100 dollars and comes with a discreet design. This player is gunmetal gray and features some faux-brushed-aluminum accents.

The front of the unit is very simple, having only the disc tray, a USB port and eject and power button. It looks like the company has decided to eliminate the display entirely, forcing users to rely on their television for navigation. This decision could be annoying, especially when someone wants just to listen to a CD. The remote control is really nice, having a small size, but fully featured and also includes a Netflix shortcut. As for the button, they are very close together and a little squishy. However, the main attraction on this player is no doubt the Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming service. With a 19,99 dollars a-month subscription fee, users will have the opportunity to stream 100 or more PS3 games to their TV. All these games without needing a game console. 

Sony BDP-S5500 also includes USB, HDMI and coaxial digital. For networking users will find “Super” Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

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