Singer Prince Dies at 57

Famous singer Prince has passed away. The sad news has just been revealed. The cause of death remains unknown for the moment, but reports indicated that an autopsy will be made on the singer’s body to discover the reason of his tragic death. 

Prince was found dead in the elevator of his Paisley Park estate, Minneapolis, on Thursday. At the time when medical staff arrived at the scene, the famous singer was unresponsive.

Although they performed CPR on the star, unfortunately, they were unsuccessful. As already mentioned, the cause of death has not been revealed, but it was speculated that it could be linked to a previous hospital visit of the famous singer. 

Prince was rushed to the hospital six days before the tragic event, after falling ill upon his return to Minneapolis. The singer was coming back home from a concert held in Atlanta and needed an emergency hospitalization in Illinois. 

As imagined, numerous other potential causes of death have been speculated so far. For instance, a report by celebrity site TMZ indicated that Prince has actually died because of a drug overdose. The site also claimed that the overdose was actually the reason why Prince had to be rushed to the hospital, not a flu, as a rep for the star claimed. 

Regardless of the real reason of the hospitalization, Prince was released from the Illinois facility in a matter of a few hours, indicating that he was not dealing with very severe issues. However, TMZ also reported that Prince was spotted making several visits to the pharmacy a day before his death. 

Another important thing worth to be mentioned is that Prince had to delay a show in Atlanta, because he was not feeling well. He held the performance on April 14 and started the show by apologizing to everyone for the delay. 

The 911 call after the death of the star was made by an unidentified man. At the time of the 911 call, the man claimed that Prince was already dead. Without a doubt, his death is a great loss for the world of music. Most likely, new details about this will be released in the coming days. 

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