SimCity Social Is Live On Facebook


Earlier this year, Facebook had to swallow its pride when a study was published about one in three users getting bored with the social network. But Facebook didn’t lose time and found a solution that might level things for a bit. SimCity Social is live on Facebook as of today. Cannot help wondering how long it will take before the novelty wears off?

Facebook is already a universe in itself, where friends travel across thousands of miles in an instant to discuss the holiday album or a long-forgotten school mate’s wedding. Sure there’s Zynga’s FarmVille on Facebook doing just fine, keeping users busy learning about life in the country. But it’s like SimCity Social is going to go viral. At least for some time.

One thing is for sure, SimCity Social on Facebook is a good thing for everybody involved. Not to mention the video game’s features could really make one get his head in the game. Jami Laes, VP of Global Studios for Playfish, explained SimCity Social is designed for “a new generation of urban planners”.

The game’s are so user friendly “that allow anyone to expand and grow their unique sprawling metropolises and watch as it comes to life in fun and unexpected ways” Jami Laes explained. Playfish and Maxis have brainstormed a version of the SimCity that is said to be “about playing with your friends”.

“Whether you do that with kindness by helping put out a fire or through mischievous acts like helping a criminal escape, the decisions you make with your friends will determine how the story of your cities plays out” reads Jami Laes’ explanation.

A press release by the producers of the game reads: “As Mayor, players will deal with unforeseen issues like fires, crime and pollution, and will make crucial decisions that will help them discover how their cities take shape”. 

The game does sound interesting, but for the people that don’t have enough friends to play with, the tasks could become challenging. Basically the only way to progress in the game when your friends are not into it is to add lots of strangers. 


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