Shoes dictate who you are, Rachel Weisz believes

For some people, it’s the shoes that dictate who they are.  And especially for actors, who are actually trained to use the surroundings, the objects they have or wear when impersonating a character, with the purpose of becoming more that character. Actress Rachel Weisz says in her latest interview to Lucky Magazine that the shoes helped her get into character.

Shoes shape our way of walking and our posture. At its turn, our posture influences the way we feel about ourselves. And in the end, what we feel dictates how we behave. So, there is a big difference of attitude between walking in high heels, walking in cowboy boots and walking in flats or flip-flops. You must then understand why Victoria Beckham could feel a lower self-esteem if, following the back injury incident, she would have the perspective of wearing flats for a while.

Actress Rachel Weisz is an adept of this idea, stating that she is very influenced on the inside by the pair of shoes she is wearing. The fresh wife of British James Bond star Daniel Craig, confessed to Lucky Magazine that “Shoes can turn [one] into someone else in an instant”. The actress gave some examples: “I did a film called ‘The Brothers Bloom,’ and I wore really clunky boots — and I was this eccentric weirdo”, she starts. “And then in ‘The Whistleblower, (in which she plays a cop) “I wore police boots that made me walk tough”, she added.  In her latest movie, horror “Dream House”, which hits the theaters on September 30, she plays “a wife redoing a home we just bought, and I wore a lot of light sneakers that are all cute and homey and make me feel kind of doo-doo-doo, I’m domestic and painting.”

What we are interested in is if the opposite is available as well: can the mood dictate the shoes you choose to wear? And if so, how many shoes do we need?

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