The Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary

The Truth About Abs is one of, if not the most popular weight loss ebook in recent years, with over half a million readers in virtually every country around the world.

As I’ll explain ahead, there are some very good reasons why the Truth About Abs is so popular. And as obesity and diabetes rates continue to spiral out of control, the simple and practical solutions you can find in this program have never been more important.

Who Is Mike Geary and What Is the Truth about Abs Program?

Being both a certified nutrition specialist and a certified personal trainer, Mike Geary had both the dietary and fitness knowledge to combine into an effective step-by-step plan for losing weight.

You can read much more about the creator of the Truth About Abs program in his About page on his website, but I will say that he definitely seems to know what he is talking about when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

The Truth About Abs is especially good for people who want to lose weight quickly, without crash dieting, and still in a healthy and permanent way.

By combining the best nutritional strategies with quick and effective bouts of the right type of exercise that actually work to burn fat (most don’t), many people have been reporting rapid weight loss on this program.

The Truth About Abs in Summary

Is a quick summary of what you get with the Truth About Abs program:

    A detailed e-book on the most effective kinds of foods, meals, exercises and holistic techniques for healthy weight loss.
    A DVD called The Five Simple Secrets to Guaranteed Fat Loss.
    A Fast-Track Meal Planner guide.
    A personal Metabolic Calculator.
    The M-Power Fast Fitness audio series.
    A variety of different workout programs you can do at home or at the gym.
    An exclusive membership site for motivation and support.
    And a subscription to Mike’s Lean Body Secrets newsletter.

The Truth About Abs isn’t a diet. It’s a permanent way of eating for weight loss that focuses on eliminating the foods to keep you fat and creating meals based around the right kind of ingredients for healthy weight loss.

The exercises a simple but powerful and even beginners can do them. Being quick to do, that also much easier to fit into a busy lifestyle.

You can download the full Truth About Abs program now in a trial offer for 21 days and see how well it works for you over the next 3 weeks.

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