Secret Service investigates what hackers killed Obama

Associated Press announces that the Secret Service, whose job is to protect President Barack Obama, will investigate what hacker group posted the Twitter message on the Fox News page about Obama being killed and why. Spokesman George Ogilvie said that the department will conduct detailed investigations in order to have the answers.

“We will conduct the appropriate follow up, “Ogilvie said.

On Monday, hackers broke into the Fox News Twitter account and posted a series of tweets regarding Obama’s assassination. The posts indicated that the president of the United States was shot to death in Iowa and that the sniper hasn’t been identified yet.

In order to stop the news, Fox released a statement calling the tweets as “false” and “malicious” and saying a detailed investigation will be conducted. “We will be requesting a detailed investigation from Twitter about how this occurred, and measures to prevent future unauthorized access into accounts” the statement of the general manager of Fox News Digital said.

For now, the hacking is linked to the group called Script Kiddies, although there are no confirmations on the matter. The first news about the hacking was posted on the online magazine of the New York’s Stony Brook University, “Think”. The magazine reported the attack has occurred around midnight, just before the messages about the assassination were posted. Adam Peck, the author of the article, says he has been exchanging messages with an unknown person who claimed to be with the Script Kiddies, just before the false posts appeared on the Fox News Twitter page. However, later on, the person did not confirm hat it was indeed the Script Kiddies that were behind the Obama posts.

Fox’s Twitter page on political matters, where the messages were posted, has around 34,000 followers. The Fox News representative was not reached for comment.

President Barack Obama has spent the 4th of July holiday at a barbecue party which took place at the White House, long with his staff and military families.

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