Seattle To Face Worst Snowstorm In Years

It’s been a long time since a really  heavy winter season hit the ground, but it seems that for this beginning of year, people in Seattle will experience the worst. According to National Weather Service warnings, Seattle will face worst snowstorm in years.

In a place where people are more accustomed with rain than sun or snow, a blizzard of high intensity could definitely wreck havoc. The National Weather Service has stated that the blizzard is expected to leave behind about 14 inches of snow, which will definitely break the record of January 27th, 1969. On that day, Seattle saw 14.9 inches of snow in a single day.

Chris Burke with the National Weather Service told the Seattle Times: “It will be snowing everywhere on Wednesday. Not showers, but heavy, widespread snowfall all day”. Also, Brad Colman, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Seattle, advocated for staying at home on Wednesday. “Wednesday is going to be a good day to stay at home. The road is going to be treacherous” he said.

As a result, schools have preemptively closed, streets have been salted down and several dozen flights into Pacific Northwest cities have been canceled.  At the Seattle Tacoma airport, two crews are on standby in 12 hour rotation shifts to make sure that taxiways and two of the three runways are always open.

Alaska Airlines announced late Tuesday that it canceled 38 flights into and out of Seattle and Portland, Oregon. Seattle’s schools have canceled classes, and so did other cities such as Tacoma, Olympia and Bellingham. People have stocked up with groceries, or booked a hotel during the snowstorm.

Andy Haner, a National Weather Service forecaster in Seattle, declared: “For a city that is known more for its rain than its snow, this is going to be a big snowstorm. The other big issue here is our hills. San Francisco is known for its hill, but Seattle isn’t that far behind”.

Companies in Seattle have also braced to handle the worst snowstorm I 27 years. John Cirone, a director with Microsoft, announced that all communication with employees will be operated through emails. “The vast majority of our employees are able to work remotely, so we would foresee very little impact on our business”.

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