Scientists Warn Big Fatty Meals May Cause Memory Loss

Although there’s much emphasis on eating the right thing and the link between fatty foods and all sorts of health conditions, a lot of people continue to enjoy their bad habit without acknowledging the risks. This time, scientists warn of another issue as they have found proof that big fatty meals may cause memory loss.

According to a study released this Sunday by the American Academy of Neurology on its website, overeating tends to be associated with an increased risk of mild cognitive impairment in people 70 or older. In other words, a high calorie meal can cause memory loss.

Med Page Today writes that the report showed that people who consumed more than 2,142 kilocalories a day were faced with a nearly twice the risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Yonas Geda MD, of the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, took part in the research and explained that “the higher the amount of calories consumed each day, the higher the risk of MCI”.

The researchers looked at 1,233 people ages 70 to 90 in Olmsted County, Minnesota, out of which 163 suffered from mild cognitive impairment. The persons taking part in the study were divided into three equal groups, based on their answers regarding the daily calorie intake. Thus, the first group of study had 600 to 1,526 calories a day, the second between 1,526 calories and 2,142 calories and a third, more than 2,143.

Another purpose of the study was to find more about the mild cognitive impairment, a condition that’s often between normal forgetfulness due to aging and early Alzheimer’s disease. People suffering from this condition have problems with memory, language or thinking. And since most of these problems do not interfere with the patient’s activities during the day, he or she does not meet criteria to begin treatment for dementia.

Geda explained that as important as the results are, this remains, still, one study, so “we have to be extremely careful about generalizations. The first step is that we have to confirm this finding in a bigger study. Certainly, we are not recommending starvation or malnutrition”.

All in all, as Geda pointed out, “cutting calories and eating foods that make up a healthy dkiet may be a simpler way to prevent memory loss as we age”.

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  1. Why do they show a meal like a burger and fries. I burger is about 30 percent daily allowance of fat and grilled fries are not that high either. I mean the meal is not even that bad in terms of fat content for a day of calories.

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