Scientists To Discover Higgs Boson

Who said being a physician means not being eye-catching? Best proof that in today’s world being a physician does pay are the teams of scientists working at Cern. Whenever news regarding a potential breakthrough is released everybody sets their eyes on them, wondering what it will be now. According to a scientist from Cern he expects to discover Higgs boson next week.

The famous Large Hadron Collider and the experiments that take place there fuel up our imagination and debates, as we cannot abstain from wondering what and if scientists will ever find what they are looking for.

Today, physicists working at Cern have scheduled a press statement to announce their latest findings produced by experiments Atlas and CMS, both searching for the God particle. While there’s an increased scrutiny regarding their findings, a Cern pre-seminar announcement gives hint the results are actually significant.

Basically, it is said the results are “sufficient to make significant progress in the search for the Higgs boson, but not enough to make any conclusive statement on the existence or non-existence of the Higgs”. So, there you have it, nothing is sure so far.

However, according to BBC News, last week a respected scientist from the Cern particle laboratory said he expects to see “the first glimpse” of the Higgs boson sometimes this week. Professor John Ellis, former head of theoretical physics and guest professor at Cern, said:

“I think we are going to get the first glimpse. The LHC experiments have already looked high and low for this missing piece…There seem to be some hints emerging there… and that’s what we’re going to learn on Tuesday”.

Sergio Bertolucci, director of research at Cern, explained for BBC that “It’s too early to say…I think we may get indications that are not consistent with its non-existence”.

Seemingly, both CMS and Atlas have seen signs of the Higgs boson, but the statistical degree of confidence regarding the results are not enough to claim official discovery. Rumour has it scientists at Cern have discovered a particle with a mass of just over 125 billion electron volts, which seems to be exactly where the theory said.

All in all, while scientists warn the results are not definitive, everybody says that whether or not today’s seminar gives evidence of the existence or non-existence of Higgs boson, the discovery will be just as significant.

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