Satya Nadella Wants Change at Microsoft

Satya Nadella has always claimed that he wants more for Microsoft, saying that the whole company should change. However, it seems that the famous tech company has in fact not changed at all. 

The email that Satya Nadella has recently sent employees reveals that Microsoft wants the company’s employees to work and put as much interest in Microsoft as possible. In this letter that he sent to all employees, Nadella talks about his vision of the future of the company, as well as his strategy for the coming years. 

This letter indicates that Nadella wants to put a lot of focus on productivity. “Microsoft is the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world. We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more,” his message says. The CEO of the company says that Microsoft should be more focused on its customers. 

Soon, after the release of this letter for employees, it has been said that Nadella’s plans are more complex than what may initially seem. For instance, it has been said that Nadella is not targeting the average customer or the normal person who is using Microsoft products and services. It fact, analysts say that Nadella is actually thinking about decision makers who can bring an important impact on the sales and profits of the company. 

This message also talks about Microsoft’s position in relation with the competitors of the company. Naturally, the most important competitors for Microsoft at the moment are Apple and Google and the operating systems they have developed so far. According to Nadella, Microsoft plans on distancing itself from Apple and Google. 

In fact, Nadella has revealed that the success of Apple and Google is given by the fact that they focus more on people. Apple is always interested in offering quality first and this is what people appreciate. Actually, this strategy has always worked for Apple, which is one of the most appreciated companies in the world. 

Will Microsoft be able to change as Satya Nadella wants? Well, the company will have next week its Partners Conference, an event that may bring some new perspectives on the future of Microsoft.

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