San Bernardino school shooting: Teacher and 8-year-old student dead

San Bernardino school shooting left teacher and 2 boys dead

Here is what we know about the San Bernardino school shooting

That tragic shooting at an elementary school in California. The shooter targeted his estranged wife a teacher at the school killing her before turning the gun on himself.

An 8 year old was also killed in the gunfire and a fourth victim a 9 year old was injured and is now in stable condition. There were 15 kids in that classroom and there was a special education classroom. Authorities say that two little boys had gotten behind their teacher when the shooting happened.

They had nothing to do with the couple who had been married just three short months and they had recently separated.

Police say this man 53 year old Cedric Anderson checked in at the front desk of Northpark Elementary in San Bernardino at about 10:30 a.m. Monday morning saying he needed to drop something off for Karen Smith, his estranged wife and a teacher at the school.

Sedgwick entered the classroom without saying anythingand armed with a large caliber revolver. Opened fire on his wife.
The school immediately going on lockdown.  Students evacuated hand in hand as heavily armed officers and SWAT teams arrived on scene within minutes.

Today’s been a nightmare for sure but it would be hours before parents and children were reunited.

Five year old Cindy Dougherty was in class down the hall when the shooting started:

I didn’t know what was happening and I just wanted to go home.

Smith and 8 year old Jonathan Martinez did not survive. The other student a 9 year old boy is in stable condition this morning.

Authorities later searching a home in nearby Riverside where the once happy couple live.  Police haven’t said why Anderson it may have targeted his wife, but are shedding light on his dark past including a history of domestic violence weapons and drug charges.

The teacher’s mother telling ABC News that her daughter knew something was wrong and that she tried to get out of her marriage. North Park Elementary School will be closed for the next two days.

So tragic. 

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