Samsung’s New Galaxy Phone To Use Its Quad-Core Processor

Based on a recent report published by Samsung, the new Galaxy phone that is set to be launched next week will contain the company’s quad-core processor. The sampling of the chips is intended to major handset makers and to expand the customer base.

Samsung has many more rivals to fear besides Apple. Since there are many companies producing smartphones, the South Korean multinational had to come up with something different for their new model, Samsung Galaxy SIII. Thus, they have decided to use their own quad-core microprocessor which will enable them to allure not just Apple customers, but also Nokia , HTC and Motorola.

The smartphone device will be unveiled next week during the “Mobile Unpack” event in London. They have chosen this place to launch Galaxy SIII because they wanted to use the summer Olympics as a background support for their marketing campaign.

The rumor that the company was going to use Exynos 4 Quad for the new smartphone was initially heard at the beginning of the year, but it was only recently confirmed. Analysts are gushing with joy that their expectations came true because the microprocessor will improve the performances of the phone. According to them, the chipset will improve the life of the battery and will make both the camera and the processor quicker.

The company released a statement to announce further benefits that the four-quad chip will bring to Galaxy SIII. The design of the chip was inspired by the British Cortex A9 technology produced by ARM Holdings. Based on spokespersons’ declarations, the microprocessor is really good at multitasking; thus, users will be able to watch multimedia files, while updating applications through the web and performing a virus scan simultaneously.

You should expect the new model to present several other improvements. Recent rumors suggest that Samsung chose a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED Plus display with eye tracking technology. Despite this, there are voices saying that there will be only small improvements and that Galaxy SIII will be to SII as iPhone 4S was to iPhone 4.

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