Samsung’s Gear VR brings virtual reality on the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Samsung’s newest version of its Gear VR headset only works on the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices. Like the previous model, this new headset is called the “Innovator Edition,” and is available at the price of 200 dollars. Samsung’s Gear VR is built for those who are interested in taking the plunge into smartphone-based virtual reality. This headset remains a developer-focused device, compared with Oculus, which declared that consumers could expect something new this fall. 

Setup is very important for Gear VR. First step is that users will have to make sure that they have enough space around their chair. It is recommended to use a swivel chair, so they can appreciate the range of motion. The new headset is approximately 15 percent lighter compared with the last model, and the straps have been modified to be easier to adjust. Owners will use it the exact way as the previous version: fix the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge into notches on the front, and the device will snap into place. Users who own an Android-compatible Bluetooth gamepad can use it to control the Gear VR experience. However, the most important thing is the spatial awareness, because the soft foam padding that keeps the Gear VR snug across the eyes will block all the light and users will feel like in a dark virtual cavern.

If they don’t own an Android-compatible Bluetooth gamepad, they will find the headset’s only controls placed on the right side. These controls are composed by a recessed touchpad that helps them get around the volume controls and a back button that will take them to the previous menu or page. As for sound, it is recommended to use headphones, to enjoy the Oculus software’s surround sound audio.

The new headset comes with a software built by Oculus, the Facebook-owned VR Company, which also released the famous Oculus Rift. Users will have the chance to purchase games and apps from an Oculus store. To be mentioned that virtual reality will have success based on the content that’s available. There are plenty of people who feel isolated and awkward strapped on these headsets, but they will experience something they have never seen before.

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