Samsung Reveals Simband

At the second annual developers’ conference that took place in San Francisco, Samsung has unveiled its newest wearable device, named Simband. When they presented this new device, the Samsung Simband was more like in its beta stage for developers. This wearable device is designed more as a health band, instead of a smartwatch. Simband is focused mostly on health tracking and collecting enough data to share with doctors and medical researchers. This health band is very useful and modular and has numerous medical sensors.

The Simband is representing the new generation of wearable and has several sensors that measure and monitor the user’s biometric data. To collect heart rate, the Simband uses electrical, optical and physical methods of collecting blood flow and pressure, heart rate, CO2 and oxygen levels, skin temperature, EKG levels, and simulated blood pressure. All these features are displayed in real-time electrocardiograph information. 

With the release of the Samsung Simband, the giant manufacturer has reported new advancements on the wearable market, with more accurate algorithms, more robust sensors and even sweat proofing. The Simband’s design was a little modified and now it looks more like Samsung Gear S, having a curved 2-inch display. Inside of this device you will find a hot-swappable battery for easy night charging and an ARM-based processor.

The Simband’s home screen displays beside the time, shortcuts and date, access to the three main functions of the device: spot check, monitor and trends. Monitor is a real-time tracking mode, Spot Check allows you to check your blood pressure and heart rate and Trends is the aforementioned dashboard that allows you to see your data over time.

Samsung declared that the Simband doesn’t have the purpose to be a consumer product. The idea for this wearable device is to help prevent disease and to deliver better health profile. Simband’s open APIs are for medical use, to be tested in medical institutions and hospitals. The big question is how these sensors will evolve and how other companies and researchers will be able to develop tools for this new device. Samsung’s desire to create a new open platform is very challenging and ambitious.

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