Samsung Releases Samsung UNJU7100

The 4K TV market has been getting really crowded in this last couple of months. Every company has released a 4K TV, no matter if it’s a flat or a curved model. There is a large variety of models available in sale and it is up to the client to make a good choice according to his needs.

The new Samsung UNJU7100 is one of the best models on the market and delivers an incredible picture quality, even if its cost might be a little expensive. However, the price is not totally outrageous, because it has some incredible features. Sadly, it lacks some of the best configurations that are featured on the more expensive Samsung models. 

The new Samsung UNJU7100 doesn’t exceed at the newfangled nanocrystals and SUHD monlker chapter. Moreover, this TV doesn’t support the kind of next-generation content those SUHD sets do. Beside this, Samsung UNJU7100 is a good TV that delivers an incredible 4K content. Compared with the previous JS8500 SUHD model from Samsung, this TV delivers an extremely similar image despite the big price difference.

Both TVs have an incredible image quality, but surprisingly neither could match Vizio TV, which is an even-cheaper model. Probably, there are many clients that will not go for Vizio because it doesn’t feature SUHD, thus, the Samsung UNJU7100 might remain the first choice for customers. This new TV from Samsung balances between a not so expensive price and features that include a decent picture quality, a high variety of functionalities and a beautiful design.

Well, probably everyone will have to admit that Samsung has one of the best TV designs on the market. Samsung UNJU7100 is the best example, because it features a pleasingly dark metallic bezel that angles forward from the display. This is an incredible new look that will certainly look good in any room and on any furniture.

As for the clicker, last year Samsung most likely had the best remote control on the market. This year, Samsung does have some competition, knowing the fact that LG also has some incredible clickers. However, Samsung’s remote offers an incredible and sweet motion, because users can whip a pointer around the screen.

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