Samsung Releases Gear VR for Samsung Galaxy S6

Not so many pieces of technology found on the market leave people speechless. However, the new virtual reality from Samsung does. Samsung Gear VR is one of those devices that turn people into kids who won’t stop playing with it. Show this device to as many friends as you got and you will never fail to impress.

The new Samsung Gear VR was launched in collaboration with Oculus and it turned to be a huge success. With this new gear, every person who stretches the goggles over its face will turn to be on Mars, the Moon, on the middle of a battlefield or wherever they want to be.

Samsung Gear VR always amazes people with its technology. This gear turns out to be a big success, even if Samsung and Oculus declared before the launch that it would be an “Innovator’s Edition” or a “Collector’s Item.” Samsung Gear VR is available at the price of 200 dollars and comes in two versions. The first version is available only for Samsung Galaxy Note 4, launched last year in December, and the second one works with Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

However, customers need to understand that this is a fun toy, a technology miracle or an amazing tech demo. For customers who are searching for such a device, Samsung Gear VR may be worth the money. Moreover, it seems that more amazing VR tech is coming on the market and it will be available in many more options. These interesting devices will surely be available in 2016.

People who can’t afford buying the Samsung Gear VR at 200 dollars should know that Google also has a VR device, which is made of cardboard and costs only 20 dollars. However, Google Cardboard is far more limited compared with Samsung’s device.

So, what’s new since last year’s Samsung Gear VR for the Note 4? This new VR device comes with some interesting modified features. Samsung Gear VR 2015 is a bit lighter, has a new USB pass-through that allows charging while wearing the headset and it has an internal fan that helps defog the Gear VR.

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