Samsung Partners with BlackBerry for Better Security

Without a doubt, no one expected to see a partnership between Samsung and BlackBerry. However, it seems that the two tech companies can compete on some areas of the market, but agree on others. Actually, the release of Android-based smartphones and the increase in their popularity has meant the start of the decline for BlackBerry and its products. 

Now, BlackBerry found a way to make use of Android business to survive. So, the famous company revealed on Thursday that Samsung will use their global network to enhance security of its devices. This also includes the use of server and phone management software. According to BlackBerry, the interest in its network and software, but also in its special hardware, comes now, as they provide the highest level of security for corporate and government users. None of the competitors that BlackBerry has on the market can match this level of security. 

Reps for BlackBerry already claimed that this is a great move for the famous company. “This isn’t a concession of defeat as much as it’s a concession to reality – most people aren’t going to choose BlackBerry devices and so BlackBerry needs to find a way to make its management solutions relevant beyond its own devices,” Jan Dawson said. 

Apparently, BlackBerry is ready to reinvent itself and this is exactly what the famous company will do. Now, it focuses more on software and service. In fact, John S. Chen, the chief executive of the company, revealed last year that these are the two aspects on which the famous company will start to focus from now on. 

So, under the terms of this new partnership between Samsung and BlackBerry, Samsung will actually use BlackBerry Enterprise Server 12, adding additional security features. This will allow the control and management of wireless communications. The new features will be available on both iPhones and Android devices. 

This new partnership indicates that Samsung is extremely focused on improving security for businesses. Reps for BlackBerry revealed that the partnership aims to be a long term one, so the deal with Samsung is very complex.

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