Samsung NX1 scores for shooting action

Samsung is well-known as being a company that has been making dSLR-style mirrorless Interchangeable-lens models for years. But, as many other competitors, this company has suffered from performance issues. It looks like Samsung finally managed to step up its game with the new NX1. This new product is a high-quality and a high-performance camera that can be compared with models like Canon EOS 7D Mark II.

Samsung NX1 manages to produce incredible photos, sharp images, with a great color accuracy and a solid dynamic range. Probably, the highlight details could be a bit better, but most likely not everyone will agree with this. Photos are looking really well up to ISO 800 and excellent trough ISO 1600. Using ISO 3200, users will start to see color noise in blacks and grays in JPEGs. However, that can be fixed in the midrange ISO sensitivities by shooting raw or tweaking the settings. The new camera has an excellent performance and features a great battery life. From a fully charged battery, owners could shoot approximately 500 shots. It’s pretty good for a mirrorless model. 

Samsung NX1 is quite fast, and it takes less than a second to power on and shoot. For a mirrorless model it is moving very fast, but not as fast as a typical 1,500 dollars dSLR. This camera can sustain 14.4fps for an essentially unlimited number of best-quality JPEGs with autofocus. Also, it can burst at about 14.5gps for 21 frames in raw, but when it slows for 6 frames, it is hard to deal with it. Samsung NX1 is using phase-detection for movie recording and the company declared that the focusing characteristics is similar to those of Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS in the 70D.

The camera’s design is very nice and is extremely comfortable to shoot with. The interface and the controls are relatively streamlined. It’s not the smallest model on the market, but it is lighter and smaller than similar dSLRs. The grid is perfect for one-handed shooting and provides a balanced feel when using large lenses. 

Samsung NX1 is a great camera, although it has some small exceptions, for example the need to charge via USB. The starting price for this camera is 1,499,99 dollars.

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