Samsung Level U, a super comfortable in-ear headphone

Samsung has released an interesting around-the-neck Bluetooth wireless headphone, called Level U. Now, this is not the first pair of headphones that come with a flexible neckband, because LG has also released Tone Bluetooth headphones, which actually had a real success.

However, the new Samsung Level U is available at the price of 70 dollars, and like all other Bluetooth models, this can connect wirelessly to the user’s smartphone and can be used for taking calls or enjoying music. 

Samsung Level U comes with comfortable earbuds that are designed to sit loosely in the user’s ears. This kind of earbuds is perfect for those who don’t like having eartips jammed in their ears. Moreover, this model comes with a flexible neckband, which is also lightweight and must be placed around the back of user’s neck.

Even if the classic buds will not stay fit in the ears, the Stabilizing Wind Ear Gels are probably the most recommended solution. To be mentioned that both sets of Gels are included in the package and they come in one size, but they fit a variety of ear sizes. 

Samsung’s Level U earbuds are magnetic and are very comfortable, especially because when they are not in use, the buds can be left around the neck, due to their neckband. If the user is receiving a call, he can easily take the bud from his chest and place it in the ear. Moreover, the company declared that this headphone features a dual-mic noise reduction to prevent outside noise. This way, users will not be distracted by the outside noise when they enjoy the music or are taking a call. 

Samsung Level U has a decent battery life, the company claiming that it will last approximately 10 hours on music playback. An interesting feature is that the neckband will vibrate when the user will receive an incoming call. Moreover, the neckband has a set of buttons situated on the right side and allow owners to pause and play their music, skip tracker forward and back, raise and lower the volume and answer/end calls. To be added that these buttons are well placed and easy to operate by feel alone.

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