Samsung launches Samsung UNJS8500 series

Lately, Samsung has decided to spend a huge amount of money to promote its new “SUHD” TVs. The famous company declared that this new model is better, different and worth the higher price, compared with previous and old model UHD TVs, also known as 4K.

We must say that SUHD comes with some interesting additions, like cutting-edge features, beautiful styling and future-readiness. Samsung UNJS8500 is probably the cheapest TV that can handle high dynamic range (HDR). These features are considered to be the next big advancement in video after 4K.

Moreover, Samsung UNJS8500 series, comes packed with wider color gamut and the company declared that this TV will offer more realistic colors than ever. However, there will be no surprise that other SUHD TVs from Samsung, like JS9500 and JS9000, will succeed more seriously at screen superiority. It should be mentioned that those TVs cost even more compared with JS8500. As for design, probably many expensive TVs come with the same design these days. They are all similar, featuring silver frames surrounding a big screen. However, Samsung TVs managed to step forward coming with some beautiful models that stand apart from the rest.

Samsung UNJS8500 comes with a thin bezel around the screen, which is actually metal. The “Samsung” logo is probably the smallest logo that has ever been seen on any TV. However, the low-profile stand gives the TV a futuristic look. Last year, Samsung had the best TV remote, but this year LG will probably win the title.

However, Samsung’s remote offers a good motion control and users can whip a pointer around the screen just like Nintendo’s Wiimote. To be mentioned that users have two different ways to move around: clicking from one item to another with a four-way cursor or motion control with the pointer. 

To be mentioned that Samsung has decided to eliminate some of the dedicated buttons, like rewind/fast-forward, voice search and the keypad button. Moreover, the new remote is small and lean, featuring a motion control precise. However, Samsung UNJS8500 is an incredible TV that is worth to be tried.

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