Samsung handset shipments to close in on Nokia next year

Nokia was the main provider of handsets until now, but the situation can change next year. According to a recent report published by Reuters in 2012, Samsung handset shipments might close in on Nokia next year.

Samsung told reporters that the company expects to sell around 374 million handsets worldwide next year. This last estimation is bigger than the sale of 325 million units that was announced earlier this year. Moreover, the South Korean enterprise thinks 150 million smartphones will also be included in those 374 million units.

So far, Samsung has managed to sell 300 million handsets, based on the declarations that the company made at the beginning of the month. There were about 820,000 handsets sold each day; therefore, the company was able to sum up a total volume of 325 million unit sales per year.

Nokia, on the other hand, is currently going through a downfall. Even though the company sold 450 million handsets worldwide last year, the reps of the Finnish brand publicly announced a precipitous shipment decline at the beginning of 2011. They have thus, decided, to avoid making any forecasts in relation to their device prices in order to preserve their stock prices.

Given these late circumstances, Samsung keeps an eye on Nokia and Apple, as well. During the third quarter, Samsung smartphone shipments were a lot bigger than the ones registered by Apple. The South Korean company shipped 23.6 million units, whereas Apple sold only 17.1 million smartphones during the same period. In addition, the shipments for Samsung grew up to 223.3 percent between 2010 and 2011.

Speaking of Samsung’s evolution in the past years, Ramon Llamas, senior research analyst with IDC’s Mobile Phone Technology and Trends team stated last month that the company ascension is due to the wide range of products that the South Korean manufacturer has released on the market. This climbing trend began last year when the first Galaxy device was launched. Ever since then, Samsung has released many more popular and innovative devices that expanded its selection of products and strengthened its stability on the market.

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