Samsung Galaxy Nexus On Sale At Verizon

People have been biting their nails for the last several weeks as they tried to put away some money in expectation for Samsung new smartphone. The good news is that you can start buying at, as Samsung Galaxy Nexus is finally on sale at Verizon for $299.99.

Initial news said that Verizon would start selling the gadget on December 9, for the U.S. market, but then the release got delayed until just recently, making fans wonder if they would even get their hands on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus by the end of this year.

Verizon Wireless is selling Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone for $299.99 on contract online and in its retail stores December 15. The bitter pill to swallow is that Verizon’s talk plan begins at $39.99 a month and a smartphone data package starting at $30 a month for 2GB of data. But, if you haven’t bought your Christmas present yet, you should definitely consider purchasing the phone as it has most interesting features.

The Galaxy Nexus has a 1.2 GHZ dual core processor, the Ice Cream Sandwich latest Android version as well as integrated features based on LTE technology, which will allow you to make all sort of payments with your own phone. talks about the smartphone’s software navigation buttons, better multitasking capabilities as well as facial recognition software to unlock the phone. There’s a 5 megapixel camera with panorama mode and zero shutter lag to try your skills with, as well as a 1.3 MP camera on the phone’s front for video chats with Google Talk and Qik.

Google Music lets you upload up to 20,000 songs to the cloud, buy music from Android Market, while you can set up your own Google+ account.

Associated Press says that “the combination of Google’s software and Samsung’s hardware makes the Galaxy Nexus one of the best candidate to compete with Apple’s latest iPhone, though its price is steep”. This is definitely bitter news for Apple and another blow to its fight against Samsung and Android. Only one or two weeks ago, Apple lost an important lawsuit against Samsung, as it tried to get the South Korean products banned from the U.S. market. But, judges had a different point of view.

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