Samsung Fights Off Competition With New Galaxy S III Designs

Samsung may have lost the legal battle against Apple, but the company is determined to fight off competition by releasing new Galaxy S III designs. Spokespersons announced that the South Korean smartphone maker will add four new colors to its range of Galaxy S III models, according to a recent report published on CNET News.

American customers could soon feel sorry for not being able to purchase Samsung devices. The South Korean manufacturer announced that new four colors will be added to the Samsung Galaxy S III range in order to meet all their customers’ expectations.

So far, clients could only purchase white smartphones, but in the future they will be able to wear their smartphones with their favorite colors. The shades that have been selected preserve the nature-inspired look of the phone. The names of the four hues reflect Samsung Galaxy S III’s motto “Designed for humans, inspired by nature” because they were inspired by Earth materials. Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Sapphire Black, and Titanium Grey are the colors you may select the next time you want to purchase the device.

The good news was, unfortunately, accompanied by a not-so-good announcement. The company told the press that the four shades will not be available on all markets. Some companies have received exclusive rights over some colors, such as, AT&T who has an exclusive for Garnet Red in the United States and T-Mobile who is interested in the black Galaxy S III. Depending on customers’ preferences, some markets may not order certain shades from the South Korean company.

To prove that individuals’ interest is much more important for them, the giant technological company has even awarded a Canadian consumer with a personalized Samsung Galaxy S III. Shane Bennett requested Samsung Canada to offer him a free phone with the drawing of a dragon. The fan received a drawing of a kangaroo, instead, but the success that his story has had on Reddit determined Samsung to reward him with many more gifts. Bennett received an invitation to the Galaxy S III launch party and a customized smartphone whose front, back and on-screen wallpaper contained his dragon doodle.

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