S+ by ResMed Built to Improve your Sleep

If you are a terrible sleeper, who is not able to rest during the night, S+ by ResMed could be the solution to this problem. There are several similar devices on the market, but none of them will offer you feedback on how to improve your sleep. Well, that’s when S+ jumps into action. After tracking your sleep each night, this bedside tracker will provide daily insights and tips to help improve your sleep. You can find S+ in the US at the price of 150 dollars. At a cheaper price, you can buy Jawbone Up24 or Fitbit Charge. They are both activity and sleep tracking devices, but S+ has an advanced system because it offers daily tips.

Almost every sleep tracker that you will find on the market requires a mattress band or a wristband. S+ is more comfortable, as it can wirelessly track your sleeping habits and you can place it next to your bad. The sensor is situated inside of the stand and can record your breathing and heart rate. S+ has the size of a bottle, which means that it doesn’t require a huge space to place it. This tracking sleep device doesn’t feature a battery and it must be plugged in at all times to function. You can connect it with a Micro-USB port or an adapter. The adapter that comes with the device has a second port for charging a smartphone.

Before you go to sleep each night, you need to enable sleep mode on the sensor. Unfortunately, even though S+ is very smart, you need to switch sleep mode manually. You can enable sleep mode from your IOS or Android device using the S+ mobile app. After it was switch on, a couple of questions will pop up, such as how many alcoholic drinks you consumed, about you stress levels throughout the day, how long you exercised for and how many caffeinated drinks you had. 

Another feature is called “Smart Alarm” which can be set to wake you up at the optimal time within a time frame you indicate each morning. If you have a lot on your mind after you lie in bed, “Mind Clear” will help you. It was created for you to speak or write memos before bedtime and will then be waiting for you next morning. After you clear out your mind, “Relax to Sleep” mode will stream relaxing sounds, such as forest or ocean sounds.

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