Ryan Gosling Named Director For “How To Catch A Monster”

Guess what, one of the sexiest men alive, Ryan Gosling is preparing for his directorial debut. Ryan Gosling was named director for “How To Catch A Monster”, the noir fantasy Christina Hendricks will star in.

Breathtaking Ryan Gosling and “Mad Men” actress Christina Hendricks both got the chance to leave their print on the noir fantasy “How To Catch A Monster”. But unlike in “Drive”, Ryan Gosling and Christina Hendricks won’t be co-stars. In fact, the red head will have to abide by Ryan Gosling’s instructions as he got the director gig for “How To Catch A Monster”.

All Ryan Gosling fans know this man is an amazing actor not just a pretty face and it’s only thrilling to see what he can do as a director too. And there’s another twist to the story according to Hollywood Reporter. Ryan Gosling is making not only his directorial debut with “How To Catch A Monster” but his screenwriter debut too.

Producer Marc Platt strongly believes Ryan Gosling is the right fit for the noir fantasy project. His “ability to draw audiences into his world as an actor will serve him well as a filmmaker” said the producer who described Ryan Gosling’s project so far to be a “beautifully haunting script”.

“We responded immediately to Ryan’s script and look forward to nurturing the next phase of his career and continuing Bold’s commitment to an artistically collaborative environment” said Michel Litvak with Bold Films. “We have a tremendous amount of trust and confidence in Ryan, Christina, Marc and Adam, both personally and professionally” Litvak added.

In Ryan Gosling’s writing and directorial debut, Christina Hendricks plays the part of a single mother with two children living in a surreal, vanishing city. Her teenage son stumbles upon a secret road that takes him on a journey to an underwater town. The Hollywood Reporter describes Ryan Gosling’s script to be a “modern day fairytale set against the surreal dreamscape of a vanishing city”.

“How To Catch A Monster” will make its debut during the Toronto International Film Festival. But that’s not the only project that will take Ryan Gosling to the Toronto Film Festival. “The Place Beyond the Pines” directed by Derek Cianfrance is also set to make its world premiere there.

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