Rumors indicate that Iggy Azalea and Nick Young separated

According to the latest rumors, things are not looking well for Iggy Azalea and her boyfriend, Nick Young. The rumors claimed that problems have hit this relationship, after Iggy was spotted without her engagement ring. However, Iggy denied the claims on social media and said that things were perfectly fine between her and her fiancé. 

So, while enjoying a day out this week, Iggy was seen without her engagement ring on. This happened only a few days after it has been revealed that Nick Young cheated on his famous girlfriend. Iggy did not remain silent on the claims. In fact, she almost immediately responded on Twitter. 

A fan shared a photo on the popular social network of the star spotted without the ring and Iggy responded to the pic. “I was on my way to a photoshoot where i would need to remove it… would you leave a milli in the dressing room?” she said. This is not the first time when Iggy has tried quite hard to assure everyone that she and Nick were fine. 

Actually, after news emerged saying that Iggy was cheated on by her boyfriend with a 19-year old woman, the singer has been vocal in saying that things were going well between her and Nick. Iggy also clarified that there was nothing wrong and the engagement was still on. Some rumors even went to say that Iggy not only terminated the engagement, but she also kicked Nick out of their home. 

“When you’re grown and actually build a life with someone you might understand. That’s life … You’ll f**k up in your own ways too, relationships are hard work,” Iggy tweeted. 

The engagement ending news surfaced after a leaked video of Nick saying that he cheated on Iggy with a young girl emerged online. The video was recorded by Nick’s friend, D’Angelo Russell. Insiders claimed that Nick was really furious with the fact that the video was recorded in the first place and he felt betrayed by his friend. “That was his boy, his close friend and teammate. He went behind his back and taped this. Nick could care less who leaked it at this point in the game,” the source claimed.

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