Roseanne: “Menopause’s oblivion is f***ing sweet”

Comedienne Roseanne Barr says that the hormonal oblivion at menopause is “is f***ing sweet”. She revealed on Newsweek that since she doesn’t have to struggle with the hormonal storms, she is happier, nicer and more independent.

For most women, menopause comes with mood changes, insecurity and dark thoughts about losing the sex-appeal. On the one hand, taking into account that the sex-appeal is hormonal-based, yes, we will lose it, but this has nothing to do with femininity, which we keep forever. More than that, some of us are blessed with new mood traits that make us more appealing as people. It is the case of comedienne Roseanne Barr, who wrote an article on Newsweek, on November 21 that, on the “Joys of Menopause”.  Hilariously describing the physical phenomenon as the changing that renders you “wet where you used to be dry and dry where you used to be wet”, 59-year-old Barr says that there are some good parts of menopause that should not be ignored. “After menopause, I discovered the joy of drinking wine, and of sinking deeply into writing and time alone”, she says. More than that, she feels better now, that she is no longer the slave of her hormones, eager to always have beside her a dominating male. As she feels “gradually relieved” from that, she remembers how much sweat and tears came with the sex drive and “the kids that come from it”.

“Oblivion will be f***ing sweet after a lifetime at the mercy of my hormones” Barr added. This, however, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want or need a partner anymore. But the things she is looking for in a man are now different. She confessed that it is a joy for her that, in her “autumn years”, she has found a man who is “more savant than idiot” and with whom she can share a truly rich life.

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