Rose helps Chicago Bulls defeat the New York Knicks

Derrick Rose did a good job helping the Chicago Bulls defeat the New York Knicks during the Thursday game which was held at Madison Square Garden. The competition was very strong, but the Bulls managed to score a 105-102 victory, according to a recent report published by Reuters.

The Knicks were in a good shape on Thursday even though they finished the first halftime with an 11 point deficit. Both team managed to score 75 points by the third quarter, but Rose turned the whole situation in favor of the Bulls. The winner of the Most Valuable Player award added 15 points to his team in the last quarter of the game.

Derrick Rose tried to explain reporters that he didn’t do anything special for the Thursday competition, but sports analysts still continue to praise him for his wonderful results. He stated in a post-game interview that his role in the team is to lead the game in the fourth quarter. “All I do is try,” the basketball player added.

The New York Knicks were very close to winning the competition, but the last efforts of the players didn’t turn out successful. Amar’e Stoudemire made a three-point attempt, but he missed 11 seconds before the final whistle of the game. His colleague, Carmelo Anthony threw from the same distance as time expired but he only hit the front of the rim. Stoudemire told the press that he made his attempt because he was open, but the ball was immediately stopped by the Bulls.

Thanks to Derrick Rose’s efforts, the Chicago team won 32 points and 13 assists. They were also helped by Carlos Boozer and Kyle Korver who each added 16 points. The most remarkable basketball player in the Knicks team was Stoudemire who led all scorers with 34 points and 11 rebounds. Anthony did a good job, as well; he impressed analysts with the 26 points he scored in the third quarter.

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