Romney fends off attacks during Republican debate

The Saturday Republican debate was a hit for Romney who seems to have strengthened his lead after successfully fending off attacks against him. Opponents began by contesting Romney’s ability to run businesses and continued by squabbling with each other, says Reuters.

Given his recent victory at the Iowa caucus, Mitt Romney expected his opponents to bear a grudge against him during the Saturday debate. On the contrary, the other Republican candidates disputed each other’s ability to become the President of the United States, while Romney remained cool and confident with his hands in his pockets. Most of his lines were borrowed from his campaign speech during which he trained fire against Barack Obama, the man he wants to replace in November’s elections.

Thanks to this unexpected turn of events, Romney has even more chances of winning the next caucus. If this should happen, his opponents will have to work harder to defeat him during the next contest in South Carolina, where he also has a small lead.

His future evolution depends on the impression he will make during the second debate in Concord on Sunday. If he manages to remain as confident as he was on the Saturday debate, Romney will most likely win the New Hampshire contest and strengthen his position for the South Carolina caucus which will be held on January 21.

Rick Santorum, who was close to winning the Iowa caucus, continues to remain the favorite participant for the conservative vote in South Carolina. His voice was stronger than the rest of the debaters, so he managed to express his political views. Like usual, Santorum was against gay rights and against the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion. He told viewers that the Constitution and the country do not give Americans the right to take the life of another human being.

The debate was an exchange of personal attacks. Without any relation to Santorum’s conservative views, libertarian congressman Ron Paul accused Santorum of securing massive amounts of government aid for his home state. Santorum responded by saying that Pennsylvania got a fair share of the money its taxpayers sent to the federal government.

Romney’s ability to run the country was also contested. According to his rivals, Romney is not capable of re-stabilizing America’s economic situation because his company dealt with layoffs and facility closures. Romney responded that not all investments work in the world of private-sector business.

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