Roman Catholics Mark Good Friday In The Holy Land

Based on a recent report published by CBS News, Roman Catholics are celebrating the Good Friday in the Holy Land. According to the Catholic and the Protestant Churches, this is the day when Jesus Christ was crucified to resurrect on Easter Sunday.

The people of Jerusalem’s Old City have organized a series of prayers and processions in order to commemorate this year’s Good Friday. Some inhabitants in the West Bank town of Beit Jala which is adjacent to Bethlehem enacted the 14 Stations of the Cross in their olive groves and vineyards as a sign of protest against Israel. The Israeli government started the construction of settlements and separation barrier, despite the protests that the local people made last year.

Only Roman Catholics and Protestants celebrate the Easter holiday this Sunday. Easter Orthodox Christians follow a different calendar, which is why they will celebrate Good Friday next week. This year, however, the Easter holiday coincides with the Jewish Passover. The Gospels say that Jesus’ last supper was actually the feast that Jewish traditionally celebrated during the Passover holiday. Nowadays, Christians celebrate the last supper because it was the last dinner that Jesus had with his disciples before he was betrayed and condemned to death.

Good Friday is celebrated all over the world, not only in the Holy Land. In Philippines, nine devotees were nailed to crosses for a few minutes to mark the Christian holiday. The leaders of the Roman Catholic Church have discouraged these practices, but local inhabitants continue to re-enact Jesus Christ’s sufferings as a sign of religious devotion.

Most people who gather in the town of San Pedro Cutud and other neighboring villages want to take part at the crucifixions in order to give thanks for various miracles in their lives. Ruben Enaje, a 51-year-old painter, was crucified for the 26th time this Good Friday because he survived a fall from a building.

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