Roku 3 refreshed

One of the most appreciated streaming boxes got some new updates, including a faster performance, voice search and a Facebook like-data feed. This month, the company released its latest device, available in the United States. However, it seems that the box is already on sale in a few locations and the company is shipping to the US for 99.99 dollars. The new Roku 3 is finally competitive with the Apple TV. With its new processor, users can go from TV off to their favorite movies faster than other alternative streamers. Also, it comes with a new interface that is more user-friendly than the oldest one, allowing users to quickly find the content that they want to watch.

There is a lot to watch on Roku 3, including more than 1,000 channels, like Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Instant, MLB.TV, Hulu Plus, Pandora, PBS and YouTube. Another attractive upgrade is the remote, which has a built-in headphone jack, a good feature for users who want to enjoy a late-night movie. To be mentioned that Roku 3 also has some small faults, but that can be ignored, especially when users are using the remote, plug in the included earbuds and start streaming. Roku 3 is probably the best streaming-video box on the market and it also won CNET’s Editors’ Choice Award for its category.

Roku’s 3 interface was redesigned and the first thing that will capture the attention is that it can feature nine channels at once, compared with the previous version that had capability for five channels. The new interface reveals three more channels with every click, making it faster to navigate. Roku’s Channel Store can now be found in the main menu, compared with the oldest interface that pushed the user into an entirely separate interface. In the left it is located a menu bare for selecting categories and also new menu items for TV shows, Movies and News.

Roku’s 3 design box is also good. Compared with other Roku Boxes, the Roku 3 features nicely rounded edges and a glossier finish. However, it also gained some weight, due to heavy HDMI cables hanging on the back. With this extra weight, Roku 3 gives the perception of higher build quality. On the back panel users will find an Ethernet port, microSD, HDMI output and power plug. On the side there’s a USB port that can be used for playing back digital media files.

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