Robert Pattinson to release music album?

According to some sources talking to Us Weekly, “Twilight” star Robert Pattison is getting ready to release a music album. The British actor is coming back to his first love: music. He has already recorded a couple of songs. However, a representative for the actor-singer says there is not going to be an album in the near future.

Before becoming a huge Hollywood hit star, Robert Pattinson was a musician. And he still is. Apparently, once you learn to play the guitar, it becomes a passion and you can never forget it.  Following an unexpected and amazing boost in the acting career, which includes, among other productions, “The Twilight Saga”, “Remember Me” and “Water For Elephants”, Pattinson felt the need to revive his first passion. 

“Rob has been kicking a few original songs around for a long time, but his schedule didn’t allow it”, a source told Us Weekly.  According to the source, he already recorded two songs called “Never Think” and “Let Me Sing”. The first one was composed in collaboration with his friend, Sam Bradley, while the second one, you can hear on the original soundtrack of “Twilight”.Another source gave details on the sound of the album. “Nothing pop” the source mentioned, and added that the songs will be guitar and drum-based, “very organic”.

Jackson Rathbone, his Twilight Saga co-star, who is also a musician, revealed that during the filming of the saga, he and Pattinson would often get together in their spare time and play. “We enjoyed jamming together when we had the time”, he said and added that the sparkling vampire is “loves to play the blues “and is a “very quiet and humble guy”.

However, the latest news say that there is no album and that the rumors are just that:rumors. Despite the time spent playing the guitar and several other instruments (horns, piano), Pattinson is not preparing to release a solo album. At least, not soon. His rep told MTV that the actor “is not working on an album right now.”

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