Robert Pattinson says that in a way, he is already married to Kristen Stewart

Twilight actor Robert Pattinson says that he is already married to Kristen Stewart, in God’s eyes. He and Kristen had a real wedding ceremony in Breaking Dawn. The religious ceremony in the movie was performed by a real priest and was done respecting all the real wedding ceremony requirements. This being said, the couple on screen may as well be considered married in real life. At least one of the two seems to think like that.

During a Twilight press conference held in Stockholm on Friday, Robert Pattinson gave some details that make his relationship with co-star Kristen Stewart even tighter. He says that the wedding ceremony was done by the book, by a real priest. “So technically we are already married because he did all the things you would do in a normal ceremony”.  He joked that although they may not have a civil union in law, in the eyes of the church they are husband and wife.

This comes just a little after Stewart confirmed their relationship. In a recent interview to British magazine GQ, she admitted – by mistake – that they are together for years now.  She was not present at the conference in Stockholm.

Pattinson was joined by co-star Ashley Greene, who started joking about the wedding night scene, explaining how things got awkward. “The set was crazy and you have about 20 people in the room and someone saying things like: ‘No, Bella would not have made that noise. Can we do it again?”

Pattinson then explains that the sex scene was also difficult because it was not in the book and all the people involved wanted to make it fit perfectly. He also defines the scene as being “very tender and sentimental”. Talking about the impact of the sexuality in the movie, he says that during all the movies in the saga, sex was portrayed and being “scary” and in the last movie, the sex scene actually leads to some “devastating consequences”. “I’m not sure what they are trying to say. . .never have sex with anyone ever?” Pattinson joked.

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  1. Yes but Hes not married to her belive me im there biggest Fan as Love Them Both so much but if he thinks this why dont robsten get married? I Honstly dont think it will last very long the twilight stars are both big movie stars and dont spend enough time with each other to be thinking there married

  2. my friend delaine is a HUGE lover of robsten and is SUPER happy for them and also wishes it was on the other hand thinks it is great they are togeather and happy as long as she stays with him and not TAYLOR LAUTNER EVER.


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